Dong Van Karst Plateau, a Fascinating Tourist Spot

04, January, 2018

 Dong Van Karst Plateau, a Fascinating Tourist Spot

Dong Van Karst plateau is one of the unique geological parks in the world, and its importance has further augmented by UNESCO recognition. It became the first geological park in Vietnam and what makes it more intriguing is the limestone surface which is about 60% of the total area. Its landscape is unique with high mountains and deep canyons. Dong Van Karst has many canyons that were formed by the tectonic activities. The landscape is the habitat for ten different ethnic minority groups, who still maintains their cultural identity, which naturally rise the visitors’ curiosity. The best time to visit the plateau is during the spring season.

Three different mode of transport:
Tourists can reach Dong Van from Ha Giang City by 3 ways, by motorbike, by car or by public bus. For the more adventurous travelers who want to enjoy the serene beauty of the landscape, motorcycle or cars are the best options, which is available for rent. A great way to explore the countryside is by motorbike.You can find many tour packages, offered by tour operators to Dong Van and surrounding villages, which can book in advance.

Hmong King Palace, Lung Cu Flag Tower, Dong Van Old Town and Pho Bang Village are some of the places that tourists can visit by clubbing with the Dong Van Karst Plateau tour. While having your trip to Dong Van, never miss the Sunday weekly marketof Dong Van, where you can find many local products. The traditional handicrafts are heart-charming, which you would love to take back home as souvenirs. Another core attraction will be the authentic local cuisine. Spare some time to savor the most exquisite moments in enjoying the kitchen delicacies.

Accommodation and night stay:
There are various options available for comfortable accommodation in and around the area. It will be easy to find affordable accommodation, cheap hotels, and motels suitable to your budget. You can make advance accommodation bookings to make sure that the rooms are available when you reach your destination. For tourists who want to have a more wholesome experience, living in traditional homestays with spectacular views of mountains is also available.

Book your trip in advance:
You can conveniently select different package tours such as 4-days 3-nights or 5 day trip of Northern Vietnam from Hanoi to Ha Giang and Dong Van Karst plateau, which can be booked in advance. Most of the tour operators shall offer professional well-experienced guides at your service, who are familiar with the locality. For nature lovers, trekking and backpacking are also available upon request. In Vietnam, you can ask for tailor-made personal tour packages with an exclusive private guide, who will accompany you throughout your stay. This arrangement will help you to plan your trip properly, finding an ATM center and local food outlets easily. Please look at Vietnam Northeast and Northwest tours to get an idea for your trip in north Vietnam.

Located at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level, Dong Van Karst comprises narrow valleys giving a magnanimous feel of real natural beauty. Numerous archeological sites have excavated fossils believed to be 400 to 600 million years old that are found in the rocks of Dong Van plateau. Nature lovers would love to explore the beautiful valleys, canyons, and vast limestone landscapes of Dong Van plateau.

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A lifetime memory:
Activities like trekking, motorbike riding, sleeping in stilt houses, sharing a meal with the local villagers, enjoying the local cuisine, etc.,are the beautiful things you can have during your trip to Dong Van Karst Plateau. The best way to travel to Dong Van to experience the scenic beauty is by motorbike. It is a treat to witness and enjoy the natural beauty, the geological heritage, the local cuisine, and also the rich cultural values of the ethnic minorities living there. Explore and experience the natural beauty of Vietnam, and savor the hospitality of the warm Vietnam culture.

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