7 Best Reasons Why You Should Have Your Halong Bay Cruise

09, January, 2018

7 Best Reasons Why You Should Have Your Halong Bay Cruise

There are probably hundreds of thousands of blogs and websites that are available on the internet about Halong Bay. Topics vary from things to do in Halong Bay to the best time to visit Halong Bay, for anyone going to the UNESCO World Heritage Site; it can be overwhelming when doing some research about the destination. And it even gets harder once you’ve arrived to the point where you should make the decision of doing either an overnight cruise or a 3-day cruise.

And for us to make your lives easier and stress free, we’ve listed down 7 of the best reasons why you should opt to stay longer days in world-renown Halong Bay.

1. Experience the myth in real life
For thousands of years, both locals and the earliest explorers have created myths about how and why Halong Bay was created. There’s probably at least one myth that exist for every iconic island and islet there is on the bay. But whatever or whichever myth it is that you’ve read or heard about, either from the locals or from other travelers, there’s no other surefire way to relive the myth than witnessing the place itself and watch it uncover with your own eyes as you gaze on the towering majestic limestone formations floating over the vast emerald waters.

real life in halong bay

2. Dine like kings and queens
Cruising in Halong Bay has always been about sightseeing combined with an exceptional dining experience. And there’s nothing more you can expect from a three-day continuous itinerary than be treated like a true royalty. From a broad amount of fresh seafood options to your usual favorites all paired with a wide range of the finest wines available in the country, these are more than enough reasons already to consider why staying in Halong Bay for 3 days is the way to go.

halong bay cruise dinner

3. Relax as if you’re already retired
Imagine waking up to a room and the first thing you see is the sun rising across from your glass door while watching it move upwards behind the silhouettes of the rock formations on the horizon. You get out of your bed, sit down by the balcony as you watch the sunrise, catch the breeze of fresh air on your face coming from the bay while sipping your first hot cup of coffee. Sounds unreal? No, this is your typical morning on a Halong Bay cruise.

4. Reconnect yourself again with mother nature
We are now living in a time where silence comes with a price. Luckily, Halong Bay despite being a top tourist attraction, hasn't reached that ultimate level yet in terms of price and exclusivity. With so many things going on in our city lives, jumping on a three-day cruise in Halong Bay serves as a good break from all kinds of distractions, especially online distractions. A few days of peaceful and quiet sleeps, tai-chi sessions in the mornings and a bit of nature walks with your loved ones are just a few things you could expect from it.

cycling in viet hai fishing village

5. Spend more quality time with the locals
As you travel overtime, whether it’s short-term travel or long-term, there will always be days when you’ll start feeling exhausted not because of physical reasons, but that of spending too much energy on meeting new people all the time. And of course, it would be nicer if you could settle down for a couple of days in one place and spend more time with the locals. This is exactly what you get on a 3-day cruise, which is definitely rewarding as you not only learn more about Halong’s culture, but also win some friends before you embark again for your next stop.

time with local people in halong

6. Explore more areas on the bay
The Gulf of Tonkin, the area that covers the three major bays, Halong Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay, and Lan Ha Bay, has an area that cannot be explored within a span of two days, which is what almost 90 per cent of the cruise companies offer. With each area having its own specific feel and personality to it, going on a 3 Day Halong Bay cruise is the best option for those who don’t wish to follow the majority’s option and choose to go further, and in return, get a chance to discover more of Halong Bay.

halong bay

7. Redefine your sense of beauty
Beautiful destinations exist everywhere. But Halong Bay is nothing like you’ve never seen anywhere else. No wonder why it was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site twice in less than 30 years. From the stunning landscapes formed by karst limestone islands and islets, the unique flora and fauna that exist in these islands, the thousands of years old culture and traditions, and the people that inhabit the area are just some of the points that make this place a true world wonder.