5 Hacks to Adapt to the Intense Laos Heat

09, January, 2018

5 Hacks to Adapt to the Intense Laos Heat

Similar to the rest of the countries in Southeast Asia, Laos only experiences two distinct seasons per year: the wet season (May to September) and the dry season (October to April). While the country looks particularly beautiful during the wet season due to blooming plants, the influx of tourists occurs during the dry season. If you are familiar with tropical climate, you understand how hot it can get. To aid you in the intense heat of Laos, we have listed several tips.

1. Pack appropriate clothing and accessories.
Although packing the right clothing is already a given when you travel to any destination, it is a factor that should be especially taken into consideration when you’re planning a trip to a tropical country like Laos. As Vivu Travel has indicated previously, the temperatures during Laos’ hottest months (March and April) can reach 35 degrees Celsius depending on which region you are in. If you are not used to a humid climate, be prepared to sweat profusely! Wearing light and breezy clothing will improve your situation tenfold. It is also extremely important to pack or buy sunblock.

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2. Get enough water and salt into your system
The recommendation for extreme heat situations is to drink at least a quart (litre) of water every hour. However, you need to take your body type and body size into consideration. If a quart of water is not sufficient, simply increase the amount to your preference.

Thought Co points out in their article on surviving extreme heat conditions, that your body may need salt to maintain its homeostasis. This means, regardless of your itinerary, you should never skip regular meals. Too little salt may cause heat cramps or heat exhaustion. Use the opportunity to explore the best food in Laos.

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3. Book a room with a quality air conditioner
Although it is tempting to get cheap accommodation, it is not wise to sacrifice comfort on a trip to a tropical country. Before reserving a room, make sure it has well-maintained air conditioner. The air-conditioners in some hotel rooms may work, but the quality of air that comes through may not be enough to keep you cool. If you want to survive the intense Laos heat, you’re going to need a cool room. It will definitely help you sleep better too. Leesa states that that a bedroom with a room temperature between 66 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit (19 to 25 degrees Celsius) provides the best chance for people to sleep well. In a hot climate it can be much harder to get quality sleep, so it pays to check your accommodation.

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4. Sample plenty of Laos’ desserts
The country’s weather during the dry season provides the perfect opportunity for you to try local desserts! One of the go-to desserts in the country is the Mango Sticky Rice. According to The Culture Trip, it is ideal to eat this after a spicy Lao meal. The dessert is made of sticky rice that is cooked in coconut milk and sugar, served with fresh mangoes and topped with sesame seeds. The dessert will not only provide some relief after eating spicy food, but will also help cool you down for a short while.

Of course, there are plenty of other unique desserts, so why not try them all?

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5. Go swimming!
Laos may be far from the sea, but it still offers many natural wonders for tourists to swim in. One spot to check out is the beautiful Kuang Si Falls in the Luang Prabang region. It is a multi-tiered waterfall hidden in the jungle just outside of the city. You can cool down in its turquoise waters or have a picnic by the pools.

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If you need ideas for your Laos itinerary, be sure to check out Vivu Travel’s guides. Our website offers recommendations for family tours in Laos, as well as information on travel costs for Laos.