Ban Gioc: An Enchanting Journey To A World Of Fantasy

16, January, 2018

Ban Gioc: An Enchanting Journey To A World Of Fantasy

Ban Gioc Waterfall easily qualifies to be known as one of Vietnam’s most amazing natural sights. It is a striking natural highlight and is the most eminent waterfall in Vietnam. The height of Ban Gioc waterfall is 30m, and its 300 meters width makes it the broadest waterfall in the country. The very moment you set your sight on this waterfall, you will fall in love with its mesmerizing looks. Many drone videos which show its majesty recently went viral.  

When you look at the falls from the front you will find it hard to believe just how beautiful it seems, the scene is unrealistic and looks like a painting. On the opposite side, the river is very peaceful and transparent. The looks it provides are beyond imagination. This is one place which should be on the go-to list of every travel junkie out there. It is time for you to seriously tag this picturesque spot and discuss with your tour operator for a tailor-made tour package.  

Way to Ban Gioc is equally fantastic:
The route from Cao Bang to Ban Gioc is also equally spectacular. On your way to Ban Gioc, you will witness good looking natural landscapes. The drive to the waterfall takes around two hours and is an adventure in itself.

No need to get a special permit anymore:
Previously one needed to get a special permit before visiting this place as the location of the falls is near the Chinese border but now the tourist don't need to bring any documents, and they will not face any difficulties. The location has become more accessible due to this reason.

How to get the best out of your visit?
Get yourself a bamboo raft which will get you an opportunity to get closer to the falls in order to get a better view. The positive vibes that the place offers will definitely win over your heart.

Best time to go on a trip to Ban Gioc waterfall:
Summer season is the best time to visit this alluring place. It sometimes rains during May to September which further adds to its charm. You can take a dip in its cool water and relax. During the winters the water becomes too cold to swim.

The Nguom Ngao Cave is very close to this area,  just a few kilometers away is a beautiful place to visit before or after visiting the waterfalls. They are one of the best looking caves in Vietnam.

There are many excellent spots around the base of the falls. All you need to do is to find a comfortable place to sit and enjoy the spectacle. Ban Gioc waterfall has made a place for itself among the most mesmerizing waterfalls in the world. This fantastic area will give you memories that you will never forget. Ban Gioc waterfalls are a major reason for tourists love and visit Vietnam. Theplace provides a beautiful, spectacular atmosphere and memories which one would cherish for a whole life. One just can't afford to miss to visit this as it can give such a tranquilizing experience.   Pack your bags and get ready to go on a journey that will leave an impression on your mind forever.