Reasons To Visit Phu Quy Island

18, January, 2018

Reasons To Visit Phu Quy Island

Phu Quy Island is a pulsating tourist spot situated 100 km away from Phan Thiết city, Vietnam. The island has a total population of about twenty thousand people, and they predominantly settled on the northern side. The Phu Quy district incorporates ten islands, among which the Phu Quy Island is the largest. It is a beautiful place to visit and has a lot to be explored. The Phu Quy Island is becoming a must-visit destination on every traveler's list.
Here are some of the best reasons why people want to visit this rejuvenating place:

1. A chance to witness mesmerizing natural beauty
The scenery will definitely win your heart. You cannot miss seeing the sunset. Watching the sunset while sitting on the shore will give you a memory that you will never forget. Just relax on the beaches with your loved ones and enjoy the beauty of nature at its very best.

2. Not so crowded beaches
Due to the difficulty of transportation not many people visited this place. Only recently tourist has started to take an interest in this place. Usually, large crowds in the beaches kill the spirit of privacy and spoil the frolic activities. People litter around the beaches and destroy its beauty, due to the less number of people present you can enjoy the beaches peacefully without any unwanted interruption.

3. Delicious and pocket-friendly seafood
What fun it will be if you visit an island and don't get to enjoy seafood. Phu Quy Island offers mouth-watering seafood. One of its specialty is the king crab, no other seafood available here surpass this delicacy. The King crab have high nutritional value and are quite rare. At the island, you can satisfy your hunger which delicious crab that too at the best prices. It will hardly cost you 350,000-400,000 VND per kg.

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4. Get a chance to see a whale's skeleton
The Ong Nai Ham gallery has the giant whale skeleton in Vietnam which measures nearly about 20 meters in length. People living on this island respect whales as they believe that whales have many times saved the life of the people. They hold a solemn funeral for whales which die and drift to the shores. Visit the galleries and museums to witness the skeleton of this beautiful creature.

5. Witness the landscape from the largest lighthouse in Vietnam
Your visit to the Phu Quy Island does not come to an end unless and until you rent a boat for visiting the islets located around the island.

On the top of the Nui Cam Mountain, located the largest lighthouse in Vietnam. You can almost see everything from the top of it, thanks to the relatively flat topography of the island

The best way to explore the island is on a bike as it has an area of only about 16.4-kilometer square. Your trip to the Phu Quy Island will give you everlasting memories, and you will definitely enjoy your visit to this beautiful place.

Located 120 km south-east of Phan Thiet Sea, the island is a cluster of 10 archipelagoes rich with natural serenity. Quite an atmosphere, pristine beach, crystal clear water, seducing reefs is what it make different from any other tourist destination in the world. It is an ideal location for holidaying, honeymooning to cherish your private moment of life, keep you detached from the busy day to day life.