Van Long Natural Reserve Takes You Close To Mother Nature

24, January, 2018

Van Long Natural Reserve Takes You Close To Mother Nature

Ninh Binh has many attractive destinations and stunning landscapes to witness, and Van Long Natural Reserve is one among them. So include Ninh Binh in your Vietnam trip itinerates and explore the unraveled beauty of the hidden nature. This tranquil natural reserve has s stunning wetland that’s even more popular with bird watchers. Van Long holds the last wild refuges of Delacour’s Langur, which is said to be an endangered species.

What makes the natural reserve a special one?
The Van Long not only has stunning scenery, and it’s all about their wetland that has been preserving the ecosystem surrounding it. The Van Long Nature Reserve is an ideal stop for people who are looking out to witness real nature straight from their tour to Ninh Binh. The forest surrounding Van Long has about four hundred and fifty-seven species that can be seen anytime during the day. Twelve rare types of animals, namely, stump-tailed macaque and Asian black bear are said to be in existence in this natural reserve.

Things to watch:
During the hot season, the Van Long turns into a wintering haven for many migratory birds from hot climate neighboring areas. Dozens of pheasants, teal, grey heron and hundreds of night herons and white stork migrate during this particular season. While visiting the natural reserve, make sure to witnesses the six-hundred-year-old Thi tress that stands alive around the reserve. Also, visit the Mai Trung Temple, Chi Le Temple, and Dich Long cave to learn the historical background of Ninh Binh.

Mostly during the afternoon, one can witness flocks of storks flying back in a row to their nests. The beautiful grottos in Van Long nature reserve, named Ca Grotto, Rua Grotto, Bong Grotto, and Chanh Grotto are a chain of mountains that can trek with the help of trekking facilities provided by your tour operator.

How to reach Van Long?
Van Long is located in Gia Vien district, under Ninh Binh province and is about ninety kilometers nearby to Hanoi. One can take a thrilling boat ride from Hanoi to reach the natural reserve or can have a bike ride. Most of the tour operators do offer bike riding facilities as part of the tour package. Many tourists visiting the natural reserve prefer to take a boat ride as they can watch magnificent landscapes and mountains while rowing to the reserve. The boat tour is one of the highlights of tour programs offered by reputed tour operators as part of their holiday packages, which will be a magnificent experience to enjoy the beauty of Van Long and the wetland trip.

Choosing a comfortable tour package:
There are hundreds of tour operators guiding travelers to visit places in and around Van Long natural reserve with the support of experienced tour guides. Make sure to take a tour package that lets you stay two long days in the reserve. A sightseeing trip along the natural reserve itself takes more than a day to explore around. Reach Ninh Binh a night before starting your tour package from your tour operator; so that, you can begin exploring the boat ride and can never miss the sun shining on the mountains. Any nature lover can never be disappointed upon visiting this particular Natural Reserve in Ninh Binh.