Trang An Grottoes (The Hidden Beauty Of Vietnam)

26, January, 2018

Trang An Grottoes (The Hidden Beauty Of Vietnam)

The Trang An Grottoes is one of the most popular and an attractive tourist destination in Vietnam. The grottoes have many different shapes of rocks and caves towering out from large sized canals and lakes. Located in a tropical region, these mountainous area is famous for holding archaeological evidence of the ancient civilization like animal bones, shells, stone tools, pottery and kitchen floors. Besides being one among the cultural places to visit in Ninh Binh, the grottoes are also famous for other tourist destinations such as temples, pagodas and the palaces.

Exciting boat rides:
Trang An Grottoes is spread across one thousand five hundred acres in Ninh Binh province. This vast land has many valleys, caves, peaks, and rivers to explore on the way. By cruising through the waterways on a small boat, you are about to witness the caves and hills more up close like never before. While rowing through the limestone hills, take a stop to visit the ancient temples located along the riverside. Small boat journey shall never be a boring one as you will be able to see more of nature and new boating experience in your life.  You can ride through low-end ceiling small caves easily in a small boat. Other than boat riding around Grottoes, one must visit the paddy rice fields and the villages around Grottoes that have mixed natural and cultural properties.

Best time to visit:
It’s better to visit Trang An Grottoes during winter or autumn months. Climate will be moderate, which makes outdoor exploration a fantastic experience. Visiting the Grottoes during summer is also a good option, but one needs to gear up with proper sunglasses and other accessories to avoid getting dehydrated from direct sun rays, as the boat rides are too long and tiring.

How to reach:
Trang An Grottoes is located about ninety kilometers from Hanoi, and you can easily reach by any means of transport. It will take about two hours to reach Grottoes by bus from Hanoi. Unlike to other destination, the road to Trang An Grottoes is perfect for traveling; hence you can enjoy a comfortable road journey. Alternatively, travelers can even make use of the local train that departs from Hanoi to Grottoes. If you are a biker, then you are about to witness the best sightseeing in your life by riding through lush green rice fields, poetic rivers and grandiose mountains that can be found all over the roadside.

Planning your trip:
Boat riding isthe most preferred tourist activity in Trang An Grottoes, and the cost of boat hire charges are inexpensive. All tour operators do offer exclusive boat riding tips as part of their tour packages. We recommend you to make sure to schedule your trip as a two to three day long one so that you can explore more adventurous activities around this beautiful wet island. Many local tour operators are offering guided tours that can let you plan on the activities to do in and around Trang An Grottoes adding your personal preferences to spice up the trip.