The Untold Stories Of Cu Chi Tunnels - Vietnam

31, January, 2018

The Untold Stories Of Cu Chi Tunnels - Vietnam

Aren't you bored of visiting the same old beaches and zoos in every vacation? A real tourist always hunts for a new place to explore, and so we have a fantastic place for you. Located in Cu Chi district, which is part of Ho Chi Minh City, it is one of the spectacular tourist spots, highlighting the valor and spirit of Vietnamindependent fighters. To see what’s in there, don’t look around in vain–dig deeper! These tunnels are a conglomeration of tunnels that are not only repositories of spectacular beauty but also possess great history which follows the Vietnam War. Wish to know other fascinating facts about the tunnels? Read on.

Rich history
The Cu Chi Tunnels were built back in the late 1940s during Vietnam's war of independence and used as hiding spots for the Vietnamese army troops. These tunnels facilitated the Vietnamese soldiers in transporting food, weapons and other essential supplies, crucial for their survival. The intricate tunnel system helped the fighters to control the battle and stay safe during the heavy bombing.  

The Cu Chi Tunnels is an iconic attraction as it showcases the remnants of war through Vietnamese eyes. The government has preserved the tunnels as part of the war memorial parks spread across the country. Read our Cu Chi tour.

Do you know how it feels to be a soldier? Well, Cu Chi Tunnels just do the job for you! Tourists from all over the world can relish an unforgettable adventure by crawling in safe parts of the tunnels and experiencing the life of the soldiers. The tunnels have been reconstructed and widened to accommodate more tourists. Visitors can enjoy a meal from the subterranean restaurantswhile traveling through the tunnels like the Vietnamese fighters and visit the underground conference rooms and view command centers, field hospitals, constructed living areas, trapdoors and even fire an AK-47 rifle in the firing range. A delight for all the adventurers!

cu chi tunnels vietnam

Practical information–tours
The most convenient way to reach the tunnels is by guided tour. The prices are quite reasonable and vary on the number of people in the group and choice of tunnels. You can also enjoy a boat ride to the Cu Chi Tunnels. Boats depart twice a day at 7 am, and 11 am and include hotel-pickups, refreshments, meals, guide and admission fees, the entire trip taking around five hours. You could also hire a car and a driver to explore the town beyond the tunnels. If shared by more people, this is an entirely cheap option.

Public transport to the Cu Chi Tunnels requires several changes of bus and getting down at the tunnels from the town is difficult. So give public transportation a pass.

Things to do before you go
Make sure you plan a trip in the right season. Summers are usually the best time as they offer less humidity and perhaps, fewer bugs. Remember to wear comfortable walking shoes for uneven surfaces.

To all the travel enthusiasts: plan your next trip to the unique and fascinating Cu Chi Tunnels. You can find many experienced tour operators, who offer wonderful tour packages, even custom tour packages to accommodate all your personal preference. Foreign tourists can also enjoy the company of bilingual tour guides, which will be very helpful to touch the soul of Vietnam and experience its best. Book your flight to this fantastic site! Happy journey!