Phu Quoc Island (A Rising Heaven For Travelers)

02, February, 2018

Phu Quoc Island (A Rising Heaven For Travelers)

Phu Quoc is a small island located on the western coast of Vietnam. It is one of the many beautiful secrets that Vietnam holds in its ambit for the visitors. Phu Quoc Island has made a spot for itself on the list of the hottest places to visit in South East Asia. It has been a hot topic among the adrenaline junkies out there, but thanks to the easy access to the island, more and more couples and families are turning towards this beautiful island for spending their holidays.

The astonishing coastline and the relaxed atmosphere provided by the island is something that every traveler cherish to keep in their heart. Phu Quoc Island is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam. There is plenty that you can do at this place, Phu Quoc islands hold something for every traveler. From scenic beauty to fun-filled activities, Phu Quoc Island provides you with everything. Here are some of the reasons which will bring this place on the top of your go-to list:

The best place to let out some steam:
In today's world, everyone's life is pretty hectic, and this is the reason that when someone goes on a trip, they wish to get the maximum comfort and relaxation. Phu Quoc Island is the perfect place to spend some quality time with friends and family. The place is unimaginably beautiful and spells bounding. Take a break from your hectic schedule and take a trip to the beautiful Phu Quoc.

Enjoy the picturesque beaches:
Every traveler knows the struggle of finding a clean and peaceful beach in today's world. There are hardly any beaches that have not spoiled by people all over the world. The beaches on this island are among the few around the globe which are unspoiled. There are around twenty beautiful beaches which still maintain their natural beauty. The fabulous coastline of the island is about one hundred and fifty kilometers long. Just sit on the coast and watch the incredible gushing waves.
You can either stay in a beachside hotel or plan a camp and set up tents to stay. One can visit this place to relax and get a break from there day to day work.

Watch and enjoy the unique marine life:
There is a lot of diversity in the marine life of Phu Quoc Island. There are more than one hundred different species of corals present in its ecosystem. With all the different kinds of fishes and other marine life that occupies the waters around the island makes it a heaven for all the wildlife enthusiasts out there. Unique species like the green turtle, hawksbill, and many others can see on the island. This is a must too visit place for all those who love marine animals.

A beautiful place to explore:
More than fifty percent of the place is a national park dedicated to the conservation of the tropical rainforests, and wetlands and the coral reefs among the other things. Thanks to the small size of the island all one needs to do for an adventure is to hire a motorbike, which is quite easily available that too at very cheap cost effective prices. Take a motorbike and go on to take a tour of the entire place. The roads are quiet and peaceful. The experience is great and unimaginable.
For those who love to explore, this is going to be a great opportunity. Just let yourself go wild and explore each nook and corner of this small island.

What fun is a trip without some adventures? Diving is one of the most in-demand activity on the island. You can also choose to take classes before actually going into the waters. What makes diving at Phu Quoc Island so much different than the other places is its beautiful marine life. Take a dip in the waters and have a glimpse of the world that is in unknown to you. Click some beautiful photos while diving in the water and take them back home as memories that you will cherish throughout your life.

Diving in here will give you immense pleasure and probably a new experience if you haven't done it before and will surely give you moments you will never forget.

Go squid fishing:
It is another leisure activity that you can do during your island visit. Squid fishing is a very famous for the islands and tourists love to be a part of it.
People in large numbers become a part of the activity and enjoy it to the fullest. The experience you will get is one of a kind.

Enjoy great food:
Phu Quoc islands top the list of places in Vietnam where you can find some delicious food. The island is more accustomed to the tourist and hence offer a larger variety of food to choose from. There is something for everyone, and then there is, of course, the famous fish sauce for what island is very popular.

In 2014, the fish sauce created on the island became the first ever Vietnamese product to receive European Union’s Protected Designation of Origin Status, you cannot afford to miss this delicacy. End your day which a nice meal in the markets. The fish and the ice cream rolls are a must try.

More and more people are visiting the Phu Quoc Island, it is expected that more than three million people will visit the island every year from 2020.
The place is easily accessible both by air as well as through the seas. As the tourism is seeing a bloom there are a lot of tourism packages available. As the island is hot all around the year, tourist can have varieties of tour packages, and also have tailor-made packages.  You can find many seasoned travel agents, offering affordable services, including visa processing to transit arrangements, accommodation, etc., which will make the whole travel a memorable experience. Embark on a journey of a lifetime and make memories with your loved ones that you will cherish throughout your life. So what are you waiting for? Get the best package which meets your needs and get ready to visit this beautiful place.