Mui Ne (Ultimate Surfing Destination Of Vietnam)

05, February, 2018

Mui Ne (Ultimate Surfing Destination Of Vietnam)

Mui Ne is a coasting fishing town in Binh Thuan, Vietnam which makes a perfect destination for surfers. It is popularly called surfers village with a good amount of waves and wind all the time.

Earlier it was just an isolated stretch of shoreline, but now Mui Ne is a line of beach resorts amid pretty gardens by the seashore. While the original fishing village still exists, tourists outnumber locals as it has changed into a resort area.

However, what travelers know as "Mui Ne" is the Ham Tien village sandwiched between Phan Thiet and Mui Ne. The beach destination is a part of Phan Thiet city as well.

How to reach
Mui Ne is a just a 4-hour train journey from Ho Chi Minh, but, once you enter there, you will feel like you are visiting a different country. The Ho Chi Minh City and Mui Ne are around 200 km apart, and it is convenient to travel via bus or taxi which will take approximately 5 to 7 hours.

Things to do in Mui Ne

Have fun at the beach
At Mui Ne, you can find several isolated and crowded beaches, and you can reach here by driving past the Red Sand Dunes. You will be offered a wide range of sports activities once you are in the white dunes. Ong Dia beach is the best one in Mui Ne with long sand dunes and coconut palm filled areas.  Do not miss the sunrise and sunset when you are in Mui Ne.  

Explore Red sand dunes
If you are exploring the beach, you will spend a lot of time exploring the white sand dunes. However, it is a great idea to visit the red sand dunes as well. The red sand dunes that stretch just a few kilometers will give you a feel of exploring a desert.

Fairy spring
Fairy spring is a pretty place to visit near Mui Ne; it is a stunning photography spot with dramatic landscape.  Mixed with amazing colors of whites, pinks, reds and oranges and the clear water flowing from the mountain, Ham Tien’s Dinh, the scenic beauty of the place holds is immense.
While one side is filled with sand dunes, on the other side lays extensive field of coconut palms and verdant trees. Visitors can freely wade through water which is just ankle length to enjoy the serenity of the place.

Kitesurfing is the biggest deal in Mui Ne. For the same reason, the price will be a little high when compared to any other part of the world. Consistentstrong winds and waves are something that makes Mui Ne a hot spot for Kitesurfing. The place even has various kiteboarding schools where you can learn about kite surfing before trying out your hands in it.

Visit to fish market
Being a fishing town, the chaotic fish market in Mui Ne is an attraction as you will be able to observe the life of local people closely. We recommend you to pay a visit to the market in the morning to see how they start their day.  

Cultural uniqueness
Mui Ne meaning Sheltered peninsular is a fishing town in Binh Thuan province where more than 27 ethnic groups live. You will be able to see the ethnic groups K'ho, Rai and Chan RoTo in the town.  The local economy of Mui Ne depends on fishing, agriculture, and tourism. The locals of Mui will be mostly fishermen and farmers who make a living by these occupations. Mui Ne is the biggest producer of the country’s expensive Fish sauce and the supplier of dragon fruit. However, now, Mui Ne is quickly developing as it is an ultimate destination for windsurfing in Vietnam.

Mui Ne is one of southern Vietnam's favorite beach destinations that attract travelers from worldwide. While Mui Ne is one of the busiest coastal towns of Vietnam, it is untouched by the urban development making it an excellent treat for travelers.  Many local tourism operators are offering exclusive tourist packages, and tailor-made tour packages to meet the individual requirements. The tour operators will also provide visa facilitation services, which is very helpful for overseas tourists.