Killing Fields In Cambodia

26, February, 2018

Killing Fields In Cambodia

Cambodia is famous for providing the visitors a look into the history and an unpolished traveling experience. The diversity in the type of places one can visit is enormous, from beautiful beaches to the gloomy Killing Fields, Cambodia has it all. The country is home to many fantastic yet unorthodox places, one among them is the notorious Killing Fields, spread in different areas around the country. They have become quite popular among the backpackers, and this is the reason that the number of the tourists visiting the Killing Fields have been increasing drastically. The scars of the genocide still licking its wounds and have been left behind speak for themselves.

According to the official estimates, the Killing fields marks the country with more 20,000 graves that have more than 1.38 million bodies buried in them. The biggest among all the killing fields is the Choeung Ek, located in the outside region of Phnom Penh.

People who visit this place are required to be respectful during their stay and are asked to dress appropriately. The fields pay homage to those who died due to various reasons.

Reasons to visit the Killing Fields

Paying respects to those who died:
A vast number of people killed due to the genocide that happened in the Civil War and many others died due to starvation, diseases and other reasons. The sites provide us an opportunity to pay our respect to those who died as spoils of war.

A look at the history:
For those who have a nag to see things in their true form, this is the best place. The human skulls are still present which gives a constant reminder of what had happened there.

killing fields in phnom penh

To learn a valuable lesson:
Killing fields definitely give out a valuable experience to the humankind. It teaches us to remember not to repeat the same mistakes all over again and to learn from the mistakes of the history.

A nerve-wracking experience:
For travelers who are in search of their soul and understand the purpose of life, and the meaninglessness of material life should definitely visit this notorious torture fields. The experience shakes the tourists, who have a minute spark of humanity and give an opportunity to introspect and allow them to see things in a completely different perspective. Once someone has visited the Killing fields, they come out a different person with a newfound attitude towards life.

How to reach the Killing Fields?
Taking a Tuk Tuk is the best option available. Many tour operators provide tourist bus services, including hotel pick up service from their respective hotels and drop them off after the tour is over.

At the entrances, one can find small stalls and places to eat. It is better to fill up your tummy before going in as it is not considered appropriate to eat while visiting the Killing Fields.

Ever since 1989, the Killing Fields have seen a hype in the number of visitors. The place has found its place among the must-visit places in Cambodia. The experience is going to be unforgettable and completely different. Probably the unique ambiance and the valuable lessons that this place teaches has made it so popular among the tourists.