Kampong Phluk Floating Village

27, February, 2018

Kampong Phluk Floating Village

Visiting the beautiful floating village, Kampong Phluk is an unusual experience one can have while exploring Cambodia.  As the name suggests, it is a floating village with houses that are built on stilts on the Tonie Sap and surrounded by flooded mangroves.  The entire area will get submerged during the wet season.  The experience of staying in a stilt house is something that is unique and unusual.A boat ride takes you through the stilted houses, flooded forests, waterfront pagodas, floating markets, fish farms, and rice paddies.  You can access Kampong Phluk only by a boat, and that will be a thrilling experience.  

Transport Options:
The nearest airport is Siem Reap international airport, which has excellent connectivity from the different part of the world.  You can find many tour operators offering excellent hospitality service, including free airport pickup, tour packages and drop in service, which is possible by booking and also by overseas reservation.  It takes about 5 hours from Siem Reap to reach Kampong Phluk via road.

•    Arrangements can be made to reach the area by hiring a boat from Chong Khneas or by road.

•    During the wet season, you can take a trip to the floating village by negotiating the flooded forest from Roluos villageoff route No. 6 at the east of Siem Reap, which will be an easy option and in the dry season you can go for a road trip.

•    You can opt for a half-day boat tours from Siem Reap to explore Kampong Phluk floating village.  With the company of a local guide, one can cruise along and see the floating markets, fishing farms, etc.Since many tour operators are offering various tour packages, it will be easy for you to find out the best travel package depending on your budget and time you want to spend here. The cost of a boat ride will be approximately $18 to $20 per person.  The tour will never complete without watching the serine sunset splendor.

The boat ride to reach the floating village will be a memorable experience in your life.  On the banks, you can find houses built on stilts that are more than 16 feet high.  While you float among the houses, you can see the locals busy with their daily activities, and crocodile cages just outside their homes.  The charming lotus fields and flooded mangrove forests are also a treat to your eyes.  Some tour packages include a dinner while cruising. It is a must to stay back and enjoy the heavenly sunset in the end.

Cost to visit Kampong Phluk
Apart from engaging a tour operator, you can make a floating village tour by booking through the hotel, or you can arrange with a tuk-tuk driver, which will be a much cheaper option.  Such trip may cost you about $35 to $50 per person inclusive of transport, ticket and a meal are the standard rate and looks like not an expensive one.

Experienced travelers are of the opinion that the price for the boat rides is too high if one tries to engage somebody directly, instead of approaching a recognized tour operator or there is every possibility to get scammed. So, it is always preferable to have proper arrangement with an experienced tour operator for avoiding any possible embarrassments.

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