Buddha Park In Vientiane – Never Ignore To Visit

02, March, 2018

Buddha Park In Vientiane – Never Ignore To Visit

Buddha Park in Vientiane, Laos is a preferred holiday destination and notable for sculptural artistry, creativity, and charm. It is also known as ‘the City of Spirits,’ bestowed with beautiful landscape and stuffed with endless statues.  You can find about 200 Hindu Gods and Buddha statues in the park, out of which 60 are different forms of Lord Buddha, which is a major attraction of Buddhist devotees from all around the world. If you are on Laos tours, never ignore to visit this Buddha Park.

Buddha Park- The enigmatic entry
On the onset, you will see a spherical three-storied building through which you will enter via the mouth of a demon. The staircases will lead you from ‘Hell’ to ‘Earth,’ which finally concludes to a dome-shaped ‘heaven' to give you a spectacular view of the land reserved for pleasure and contentment.

Amenities at Buddha Park
You will be in total awe of the beauty and amenities provided in the park. Presently undergoing reconstruction, the park is set to have a new promenade constructed in block concrete, many colorful blossoms and contrasting color painted walls. There will be 18 public refreshment areas under construction, scheduled to complete in 2018.  Further, there will be a restaurant and a gift shop separated from the park by a wall making it more appealing to the mass. In addition to all the above, for the leisure and recreation activities of children, there will be a lush green playground, which is under development. For augmentingthe safety parameters, the entire area will be under the watchful eyes of security cameras and planning to install 22 CCTV, which is in progress.

Things to do at Buddha Parkand nearby spots If you are desirous to spend a full day in Vientiane, there are many other tourist spots which you can visit prior to Buddha Park like Sala Kaew Ku (Wat Khaek) and Wat Pho Chaisome 3.3 km from the former. But if you want a leisure day, you can easily opt for an excellent picnic plan at the luster greenery open yard at Buddha Park. Refreshment facilities are also available in the park, where you can enjoy a peaceful time with your friends having Beer Lao and fried rice looking at the river.  

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How to get to Buddha Park
Located some 25 kilometers away from Vientiane, the Buddha Park has effortless access from the city center and is very near to the east of Friendship Bridge connecting to Thailand.Boarding from Talat Sao, the central bus station, is a convenient optionon, which will cost you only Kip (LAK) 6,000.  From the hostel, you can visit the Buddha Park in a shared tuk-tuk at Kip 70,000 per head which includes pick-up, drop and 1-2 hour waiting at the park. You can negotiate with the tuk-tuk for the best possible rate.

Opening timing and entry fees
The park entry fee is Kip 15, 000 for foreigners, Kip 15,000 for locals and children can enjoy free admission. It will be open to the public from 8 in the morning to 6 in the evening.

The most attractive part of the park is the various weird sculptures and constructions by using RCC technology. Out of the many anthropomorphic sculptures of animals, gods, and demons, the most noteworthy and eye-catching is the pumpkin-shaped structure, reclining Buddha and the tree with tentacles. You will be mesmerized by the spectacular view of the 200 sculptures in varied sizes of Buddha, Hindu Gods and demons and mythological creatures like a three-headed elephant giving an impression of bewilderment and euphoria.