Gibbon experience fulfils your fantasy

12, March, 2018

Gibbon experience fulfils your fantasy

The Gibbon Experience in Laos will remain as a lifetime memory, as the expedition include a stay on top of tree branches in the middle of the forest, zip line flying over the forest continuously, walking among the gibbons and many other adventure tour programs. The Gibbon experience is all about educating tourists the importance of forest conservation, protecting the precious resources, wild species and various aspects of forest life.  The package programs targets on Nam Kan National Protected Area and tourist can have different packages, depending on your time and budget.

For having a better understanding of the Nam Kan National Protected Area, and maximum enjoyment,  the authorities started ‘the Gibbon Experience’ in 2004 with the aim to prevent poaching, burning of trees and keeping the vegetation intact by preserving and protecting trees and forest habitation of Huay Xai. Tourists can have paid adventure trekking trips with overnight stays on tree houses. Gibbon is home to a wide range of flora and fauna. The Nam Kan National Protected Area is the native place for clouded leopards, black bears, birds, tigers and mostly the small black Gibbons whoinhabited the place predominantly.

Package programs available for ‘the Gibbon Experience.
As of date, there are various packages which you can avail. The most popular package is the 2 nights 3 day program which includes trekking and hiking for a full day followed by relaxation the next day. You get to stay in the booked tree house for both nights. The tour will take you rooted into the national park where tourists can take a swim at the waterfall during the hike. The trip calls for acute physical exertion and ability to meet daring situations.

You can also trek in a different part of the park which is almost an hour from the main road succeeded by a 2-hour tour hiking.  Another wonder waiting for you here is the  40 meters tall the oldest live tree. You can have a good view of Gibbon from here. All the tour options include good food. The tour will start in the morning 7 and continue till 5 pm and become more challenging during the drizzles. To know more about Gibbon experience and the options available, email directly to your preferred tour operator.
Activities you can enjoy at Nam Kan National Protected Area

You need to fly 23 meters, above the ground, to stay at tree houses in forest canopies approachable only by the zip lines during your three days stay at the jungle. The zip lines are cable lines with a 440-meter length that begins in the lush green tunnels and slowly opens up to the bright heavenly sky. It is a beautiful experience to watch the spectacular view of the mountains, valleys and picturesque artistry of woodland. During the adventure activities, you and forest will have nothing in between. It is crucial that you be physically fit and have a healthy heart for this tour.

The primary craze of Laos is the green tropical beauty and the steep valleys that are surrounding the Park. Trekking is one of the exciting activities tourists prefer to engage. You can select Luang Nam Tha or Phongsali and Muang Khua for trekking. The best part of Gibbon experience is at Huay Xai for its bountiful natural delicacy that appeals to millions of tourist all around the world. Project Gibbon experience has made it possible for humanity to explore the thick jungles and impressive baffling wildlife canopies that the wilderness takes pride in itself.