The Picturesque Temple Of Literature

01, May, 2018

The Picturesque Temple Of Literature

Hanoi has been a delightful host and the perfect starting point for visiting and experiencing to all the fantastic things that Vietnam offers. It is the biggest city in the country and is the capital of Vietnam. The Eastern and Western culture blend together in this beautiful place, the amalgamation can be clearly seen in the architecture of the country. Even after being terribly affected by decades of liberation war, it has successfully re-constructed itself and has become a booming nation.

The Temple of Literature also known as Văn Miếu in Vietnamese is a primary reason for visiting Hanoi. Located in the south of Thang Long citadel, the temple is undoubtedly a beautiful place to see. It holds a lot of historical value and attracts a lot of visitors all around the year.It is located approximately 2 kilometers west of Hoan Kiem Lake, between Van Mieu Street and Ton Duc Thang Street.

Historical value
Tourists from all around the globe come here to visit the beautiful site and to get a look into the traditional value of the place. Visitors get a chance to have a better understanding of the Imperial Academy, the first University of Vietnam and the Confucian Temple.

During the time of French Colonization, the Temple of Literature was very much famous as ‘Pagode des Corbeaux,' and it was a Confucian temple in the year 1070. During that period, it was under the reign of the Emperor Lý Thánh Tông.  The temple had undergone a lot of changes since then. It was during 1076 that the Quốc Tử Giám established within this temple with the aim of educating Vietnam's mandarin class.

A picturesque-spot of architectural importance
The ancient Temple of Literature easily qualifies as Hanoi's most exceptional historical and cultural site. Tourist come here to have a glimpse of the beautiful architecture. The Temple has five courtyards beautifully designed in systematic order. Its entrance gate, Van Mieu, is a two-tier structure, a brilliant architecture creation and it leads to walkways stretched along the length of the palace.

Out of the three pathways, the center one reserved exclusively for the use of the King.Even after a lot of restoration work has been carried out to maintain the state of the Temple.It was successful in retaining its original shape and authenticity and indeed a masterpiece, worth visiting.

Being a place of cultural and historical importance, it gives an opportunity to the travelers for understanding Hanoi better. The feeling of solemnity covers the entire area. If you are visiting Hanoi with your loved ones or your family, then you can spend a peaceful and rejuvenating time at the lawns and enjoy the royal experience under the green shadows.

The Temple of Literature should be definitely on the wish list of anyone traveling to Vietnam. Almost all the Vietnam tour operators boast about the Temple of Literature and chart out attractive tour packages for visiting the Temple of Literature.  Most of the tour operators accept all major international credit cards also facilitate visa process, airport pick up and hotel accommodation.  Check your tour operator and confirm your Temple of Literature tour package.