Hoa Lo Prison (The Palace of Torture)

11, May, 2018

Hoa Lo Prison (The Palace of Torture)

Hoa Lo Prison, alternatively known as Hilton Prison was built by the French, during their colonial rule, when Vietnam was part of French Indochina, is one of the important historic tourist destinations in Vietnam.  Hanoi Tours are incomplete without visiting this thought-provoking site. The museum does portray an excellent insight into the history of Vietnam through the years. It will be a sad experience to watch the display of various statues of American POWs who were held back here during the VietnamWar.  

The prison got its name, Hoa Lo since there were a lot of hot furnace stove selling stores around the area. The construction dating back to 1886 and completed in 1889 and again there were renovations, extension from 1898 to 1901.  The French built the prison to keep the political prisoners who put resistance against the French colonial rule and again North Vietnam started using it during the Vietnam War, to hold the American Prisoners of War.  When the Americans POWs started using, it was known as Hanoi Hilton or Hilton Prison.

Hanoi Tours – the significance of Hoa Lo Prison
Wholly hidden between the new buildings, the Hoa Lo Prison reflects that good and evil sides of the war. A lot of untold stories might be hiding behind the walls of the museum, which nobody would ever be going to know. It takes about an hour to walk through the entire museum, and if you are visiting Vietnam, then it is a place that you should not miss to visit. Your Vietnam visit will be incomplete if you don't visit Hoa Lo Prison.

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How to visit Vietnam?
Like many other sovereign republics, visiting Vietnam required a pre-approved visa, which you can collect on arrival at any international airport in Vietnam.  You can process your Vietnam visa online, and many travel agents are offering their visa and transit service, which make visiting Vietnam a hassle-free experience.
Visa assistance and tour packages:

Many Vietnam travel companies are offering tour packages, including visa assistance and transit services.  So if you want to your Vietnam tour an enjoyable experience, get in touch with a Hanoi Travel Agent, especially if you are particular in visiting Hanoi, the Hoa Lo Prison, Ho Chi Minh Complex, etc., where you can experience the history of Vietnam and the sufferings of Vietnamese during those troublesome days.

Tons of interesting displays
There are tons of displays in this museum that can fascinate the thought you had about a prison. It’s a grateful thing by the Vietnamese to preserve the museum and let people know about the war incidents and sufferings. The Vietnamese have struggled a lot to get their independence and every bit of history has recreated in the museum, which is a heart rendering experience.  One must also check out the displays that are kept focusing upon the American pilots who were actually incarcerated in Hoa Lo during the war period.

Although the prison was said to house only about four hundred and fifty inmates, more than two thousand prisoners were locked inside, as a result many were lucky to escape through the walls.

How to reach?
Reaching the museum shall never be a hurdle and you can pick up a taxi at Pho Ha Ba Trung or at the south part of HoanKiem Lake and reach the place within ten minutes of time. The museum is open for visitors every day from 8 am to 5 pm, with a lunch break between 11:30 am to 1:30 pm.  Entry fee is VND 30.00 and students can have a free entry.

Hanoi Tours are not only about visiting beautiful places, but it's also about getting to know the culture and history of Vietnamese people. The more often you get to visit the area, you will be wondering how good the local people are maintaining the entire surrounding with peace and comfort.