Ho Chi Minh Complex (A Must See Destination In Vietnam)

14, May, 2018

Ho Chi Minh Complex (A Must See Destination In Vietnam)

Its scenery is beautiful; the skies are deep blue, if you are looking for a vacation destination-Vietnam is calling you! Be it the bustling cities, beaches, rivers or the very heart of the country - the Ho Chi Minh complex is a perfect vacation destination.  A trip to Ho Chi Minh complex let you interact with the history of Vietnam, can allow you a glimpse into the life of the great leader and father of Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh. Make sure to visit Ho Chi Minh Complex as part of your Hanoi Tours and other activities while planning to visit Vietnam.

Include Ho Chi Minh Complex part of Hanoi tours:
Vietnamese are emotionally attached to the Ho Chi Minh complex, as it was the residence of the founder of modern Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh, fondlyremembered as ‘Uncle Ho.’ The complex is a beautiful assemblage of lush botanical gardens, magnificent monuments, Buddhist pagodas, and memorials.  Vietnamese as well as foreigners throngs to this place to pay homage to the great father of Vietnam.  Ho Chi Minh complex comprises various historically important destinations, including Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum, Presidential Palace, Ba Dinh square, One Pillar Pagoda, Uncle Ho’s House on Stilt, and Ho Chi Minh Museum.

Every Hanoi travel agent will guide you through the exquisite yet exotic places to see in the complex. The tour starts with the Ho Chi Minh mausoleum which was built posthumously, in honor of the president. It isa three-storied monumental marble edifice surrounded by sprawling green gardens. The mausoleum is open for 5 days, except Monday and Friday. Visitors are supposed to dress decently (avoid tank tops and mini-skirts).Cameras, cell phones, and photography are strictly no inside the mausoleum.

Stilt house
Unlike a palatial dwelling preferred by any country leader, the president insisted on having a modest stilt house in the lap of nature.  The stilt house built in a traditional style, and it has further augmented by a pond and garden with varieties of plants and flowers.  Ho Chi Minh has used this house for official purposes, and the fascinating house has preserved in its pristine form. Although it isn’t a tourist site, visitors can still visit it by walking on the designated paths. Make sure you catch a glimpse of this place.

The museum
Get all set to have chills down your spine and experience surrealist for real—pun intended. The Ho Chi Minh's museum is a glorious Soviet-style monument dedicated to Uncle Ho. The museum is home to all the vestiges and relics of the president. It also has some old documents, souvenirs, and memorials relating to the history of Vietnam. Visiting the museum is a truly moving and could pretty much be the highlight of your tour.  

One pillar pagoda
People who are history enthusiasts, the one pillar pagoda in the Ho Chi Minh complex is a treasure-and-treat. It was built in 1049 by Emperor Ly Thai Tong to celebrate the birth of his child, the heir to the throne after him. The wooden pagoda built on a single stone pillar resembles a lotus blossoming in the sea of sorrow. The French destroyed the pagoda in 1954, but it was rebuilt by the new government to keep the sanctity of the emperor alive.

A visit to the spellbinding Ho Chi Minh Complex is unprecedented and unforgettable. It is a fantastic destination for a vacation and also historical expedition. Take all your friends and family to Vietnam and make awesome memories to cherish for a lifetime.  Getting a Vietnam visa is a hassle-free experience, you can apply online or get in touch with Vietnamvisaprovider.com, who will assist you applying for Cheapest Vietnam visa online.