Daily Tours of Ninh Binh

24, May, 2018

Daily Tours of Ninh Binh

Situated in the Red River Delta of northern Vietnam, Ninh Binh is a must-visit destination for travellers looking to appreciate the local natural beauty of the countryside, including the limestone karst scenery. Tam Coc is a particular favourite which combines the country's verdant rice paddies with the towering limestone formations.

How to get there
Ninh Binh is easily reached on a daily tour from Hanoi (approx 85 km travel distance) and is a rich in fun activity options. The preferred travel option to complete the 2-3 hour journey from Hanoi is via bus or train which is relatively inexpensive. A typical day trip on the Vietnam holiday can last in the region of 8-10 hours. It is certain to appeal to photographers and nature lovers. With plenty to explore outside and a trip on the open sampan boat, it is worth packing plenty of water because the weather is likely to be quite humid and hot.

Ninh Binh daily tours
Let's take a look at a few of the options for a Ninh Binh daily tour:

Hoa Lu and Tam Coc Boat and Bicycle Trip
A great way to appreciate the natural beauty of the local landscape is to make the journey to Hoa Lu and Tam Coc from Hanoi and see the beautiful scenery with a local guide.

A typical tour will start with a visit to Vietnam's historical capital of Hoa Lu to appreciate the fascinating ancient temples that relate to the Dinh and Le dynasties. In the afternoon, there is plenty of time to visit Tam Coc and relax on a boat trip to fully appreciate the karst mountains and rice fields, as well as the three caves that can be travelled through. Once the boat trip is complete and back on shore, the next part of the journey includes a 5 km bicycle trip that follows a route from Tam Coc to Bich Dong with the opportunity to pass rocky outcrops, rivers, rice fields and through villages.
Hanoi to Tam Coc Bicycle Trip
A full-day bicycle trip from Hanoi to Tam Coc is certain to offer the perfect opportunity to appreciate the local Vietnamese countryside.

The round bicycle trip is easily combined with a scenic row-boat trip that takes in the fascinating limestone mountains and caves. For complete safety, this type of tour can include a guide and support vehicle. Also, the typical ride is in the region of 50 km so it will be necessary to be relatively fit to take on this type of tour.

The route taken to Tam Coc will take a very scenic course that leads to the Ngo Dong River in Ninh Binh province. Many of the roads will be quiet for the bicycles and pass lush-green fields and give perfect views of the limestone peaks.

Similar to any trip to Tam Coc, there will be plenty of time to take a row-boat ride along the river to explore the three caves: Hang Ba, Hang Hai and Hang Ca. The tour often finishes at the Tam Coc village for a relaxing meal before returning to the capital using the support vehicle.

Any full or half-day tour organised in Hanoi will help to create great memories for the Vietnam travel with plenty of photographic opportunities to capture the ancient temples, limestone mountains and lush-green valleys.