Joss paper

23, July, 2018

Joss paper

Few days ago, two tourists from France was given "Joss Paper" (Hell Paper or Ghost Paper) as a change when taking the taxi in Hanoi. After this case was reported in mass media, the taxi driver was caught by police.

"Joss Paper" is also called "Hell Money" that Vietnamese burn to send to the death (a kind of offering). However, it is a problem for tourists to know on their first days or time in Vietnam.

Actually, this is not a new case, but the first time was reported.

On a group of tour guides in Hanoi shared the same experience, but it happened at the private-owned exchange shop at Ha Trung street.

Vivutravel warns that before coming to Vietnam, just take your time to look at Vietnamese currency and notes. Normally, you will not have this bitter experience if you book a private tour package with a Vietnam tour operator as a tour guide will essort and let you know the essential information on daily tours. However, if you travel alone, you should be aware of this.

Another thing is tourists are sometimes overchanged by taxi driver or cyclo driver in Vietnam and Vivutravel advises tourists to bargain before using the service. It is better to check the price with the tour guide or hotel in advace to make sure the price is good.

Don't forget to take the pictures of the taxi's licence plate, cyclo if you think something is not right as it helps police to find them.