Hanoi names as the best destination for backpackers

06, August, 2018

Hanoi names as the best destination for backpackers

1. Hanoi names as the best destination for backpackers
Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam has just voted as one of the 7th best cities for backpackers by the The UK weekly magazine, which based on the cost of daily expenses, including accommodation, food, transportation, sightseeing, etc.

2. Phu Quy island
120km from Phan Thiet (capital of resort in Vietnam), Phu Quy is a small but beautiful island and little-visited. However, if you visit this island, you will be charmed by its beauty. Readers of US news site CNN has voted Phu Quy as one of the most beautiful islands in the East Sea (Southeast Asia).

3. Hoi An Impression Theme Park
Hoi An Impression Theme Park
opened in Hoi An (Hen isaland). This is the first them park in the country and tourists will have opportunities to experience and little Hoi An, the history, culture, folk music, etc.

4. Where to go in August?
The north of Vietnam such as Sapa, Mu Cang Chai, Hoang Su Phi are the best destinations to see the amazing rice terraces. By the end of August, it will be great time as it is dry and rice paddies will turn from green to yellow. Right time for wonderful photos.

5. High season to start soon
The high season for international tourists to Vietnam is from October to April. It is now time to plan the holiday and it is advice to book a Vietnam tour package in advance to save money on flights and choose the best hotels before being fully booked. Especially, the beach resorts in Hoi An, Mui Ne and Phu Quoc.