Vietnamese cuisine, way to learn Vietnamese culture

12, October, 2018

Vietnamese cuisine, way to learn Vietnamese culture

Few days agon, the New York Times has ranked Mekong delta in Vietnam as one of the 7th best food tours. Traveling is not only seeing the beautiful landscapes, but also experience a culture and cuisine is a way to learn? Vietnam is now the highlight of Southeast Asia, blessed with amazing rice terraces, nice waterfall, ancient town, world's largest cave, pristine beaches and delicious cuisine.

If you travel in Vietnam, here is the list of what you must try:

1. Pho - The rice noodle soup with beef or chicken (Best in Hanoi)
2. Bun Cha - Rice vermicelli with grilled pork (Best in Hanoi)
3. Bun Dau - Rice vermicelli with Tofu (Best in Hanoi)
4. Cha Ca - Grilled Fish with rice vermicelli (Best in Hanoi, Cha Ca La Vong restaurant, Cha Ca Thang Long restaurant)
5. Bun Bo Hue - Rice vermicelli with beef and pork (Best in Hue)
6. Cao Lau - Noodles with pork (Best in Hoi An)
7. Com Tam - Barbecued pork  with broken rice (Best in Saigon and Mekong delta)
8. Com Nieu - Rice cooked with specia pot, served with shrime, fish or pork (Best in Saigon)
9. Lau - Hot Pot with chicken, beef, fish and vegetables.
10. Bread - Vietnamese sandwiches with pork, pate or mixture with vegetables
11. Springroll (Fresh or fried)

Some unusual or horrible dishes to try in Vietnam?

1. Duck Eggs (Balut)
2. Shrimp Sauce
3. Insemination
4. Dog meat
5. Mouse/Rat
6. Snake
7. Lugworm or Sandworm
8. Worms
9. Organs
10. Pickled Wine

On your travel in Vietnam, Vivutravel recommends that you join cooking class tours with us in Hanoi, Hoi An and Mekong delta as you can learn how to cook the best dishes, the recipe, how to eat like a Vietnamese, and even the philosophy of life which can be called Culture of Vietnam.

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