7th Annual Dak Lak Coffee Festival Announced

30, October, 2018

7th Annual Dak Lak Coffee Festival Announced

The French introduced coffee to Vietnam when they occupied what was commonly referred to as Indochina. The first coffee was grown in Vietnam in the middle of the 19th Century. Today, Vietnam is the second largest producer of coffee in the world behind Brazil. Why should it be a surprise that there is an annual festival celebrating coffee. In the spring of 2019, the 7thBuon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival will be held in Dak Lak Province in the Central Highlands. As with all other festivals held throughout the year, there will be plenty of activity.

After an opening ceremony, the programme will include a promotional conference with a number of things focusing on coffee; its history in Vietnam, an explanation of how speciality coffee is being developed, tasting and a street festival. If you are thinking about a Vietnam holiday to coincide with when the Festival is being held, you should ask a Vietnam travel agent about the possibility of attending; it shouldn’t be a problem.

Activities with nothing to do with coffee include the Buon Don Elephant Festival and a paragliding competition. There is going to be something for everyone and if you intend to enjoy a Vietnam travel package while it is being held, why not try to get there?

The aim of the Coffee Festival is to increase world awareness of the City and its coffee. Since the early days of growing coffee, the area used for cultivation has expanded enormously. Today, a huge number of hectares are set aside for coffee growing. That allows Vietnam to export 1.8 million tonnes of coffee annually which earns US$3.2 billion for the Vietnam economy. The Central Highlands close to the border with Laos is not a huge region but it is certainly helping the growth of the national economy.

The figures are actually improving in the current year and they may well show an increase of 20% in volume when the final figures for the year are in but only a slight increase in value.

The Vietnamese themselves enjoy coffee in different ways, not all of which would be what a tourist might expect of a cup of coffee. Those with a sweet tooth may like coffee sweetened by the addition of condensed milk but that is not for everyone. You should remember that cold drinks are popular in warm climates so it is no surprise that another ‘’recipe’’ for coffee is to drink it as a long-iced drink. You can obviously drink coffee to your own taste, black or white, with or without sugar.

Next time you buy coffee, check to see where it has come from. Many people do not know about the amount of coffee Vietnam exports. The Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Festival aims to spread the word about Vietnamese coffee and to recognize those who have made it such an important contributor to the economy of both the Central Highlands and Vietnam itself.

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