The Pink Grass Festival of the Central Highlands

31, October, 2018

The Pink Grass Festival of the Central Highlands

The Southern State of the USA, Kentucky, is known as the ‘’Bluegrass State.’’ Surely grass is green, and indeed Kentucky’s is green but there is a bluish hue from the small flowers in the Spring? Well Vietnam has found an equivalent to Kentucky and at the end of November, it hosts the second Pink Grass Festival at Lang Biang in Lac Duong, Lam Dong Province in the Central Highlands. The Lang Biang Plateau is a beautiful place that seems certain to attract tourists wishing to enjoy a Vietnam tour package that includes the highlights of the Country’s natural environment.

There is nowhere else in Vietnam where the pink grass grows in the wild. While the grass is there all year round, it only changes colour to pink once a year for a short period towards the end of November. The Festival will include a photographic exhibition of the best pink grass shots and if you are able to visit, you will obviously be able to take some of your own. The Festival is aimed at being a celebration of local culture. It will include traditional bareback horse riding by one of the Central Highland’s ethnic tribes, the Co Ho.

The region is fairly accessible; it is just 15 kilometres from the main city in the Central Highlands, Da Lat which was a place that the French originally developed to avoid the heat of the lowlands at some times in the year. Subsequently this region close to the Laos border has become popular with tourists wanting to enjoy a Vietnam holiday. There is much to see and do so it is ideal for a Vietnam family holiday.

Despite it being a highland region, it is very fertile; it is very important for coffee growing among other things. The clean, fresh air is a joy and everyone who heads there enjoys its hiking trails. Pongour Waterfall is one of the most impressive in the whole of Vietnam. Liang Biang Mountain has three peaks and if you are feeling energetic climb all three; the views from the summits are spectacular. You can actually get as high as 1,950 metres by jeep to an old hill station as an alternative. The highest point on the mountain is another 200 metres higher. Tuyen Lam Lake is manmade but you will have difficulty in knowing that if you have not read about it.

Ironically, if you envisage the best honeymoon destinations being on sandy beaches with clear blue seas, the Central Highlands centred around Da Lat are becoming a popular place for a Vietnam honeymoon package. There are many reasons for that, some of which have already been mentioned. Perhaps another is the chance to see pink grass, pink being a romantic colour in many people’s eyes? Whatever the reason, you should think about the Pink Grass Festival because it takes place when the climate of the Central Highlands is very pleasant.