Long Thanh Will Ease the Pressure

06, November, 2018

Long Thanh Will Ease the Pressure

As more and more tourists visit Vietnam each year, there is increased pressure on the transport infrastructure. It is something that the Government has recognized and one of the projects being planned is another international airport in the south, Long Thanh airport which will ease the pressure on Ho Chi Minh City, currently one of the two busiest international airports in the Country. Most people currently arrive for Vietnam vacation either there or Hanoi although Phu Quoc and Da Nang also receive significant numbers. The first time Vietnam received 10 million visitors in the year, the 10 millionth arrival was deemed to be on Phu Quoc Island.

CNN, the USA News Network, has described the Long Thanh Project as among the most exciting currently being undertaken. In the years to come, many tourists starting a Vietnam family holiday will arrive there. It is a real opportunity because Ho Chi Minh is starting to struggle with the numbers arriving in the south for a Vietnam travel package. It is Vietnam’s busiest airport handling almost twice as many as Hanoi, the Country’s Capital up in the north.

Today’s airport began as little more than a landing strip in the 1930s built by the French and 20 years later it was extended to become an international airport using American money. It was known as Tan Son Nhat after the village where it was built.  It was largely for military use of course and converted back to civilian use after the end of the Vietnam War in 1975. It has undergone two upgrades in 2000 and 2007 but still remains dated, and somewhat cramped for handling today’s demands even though in theory it could handle a capacity of 23.5 million passengers annually.

Long Thanh is just 40 kilometres to the east of Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) and it is being planned to handle a capacity of 100 million passengers each year. Vietnam has a way to go before it will get those numbers but it is certainly sensible planning. Incidentally, the airport is scheduled to open in 2025.  It will be the headquarters of Vietnam Airlines and the expectation is that Tan Son Nhat will keep just a small fraction of the traffic heading to and from the South of Vietnam.

The joint venture project was signed in June and includes companies from Japan and France as well of course as Vietnam itself. Consulting, design and construction companies are all involved and the feasibility study is halfway through its twelve-month schedule. Currently, construction is scheduled to start towards the end of 2020. Estimates for this development that will cover over 5,580 hectares in Long Thanh district require an investment of 336.63 trillion VND (14.8 billion USD).

Things are looking good for Vietnam in many ways. Tourists that have already enjoyed a Vietnam holiday inevitably return home singing is praises. Why not talk to a good Vietnam travel agent and find out for yourself what they are talking about?