Formula One Heads to Hanoi

20, November, 2018

Formula One Heads to Hanoi

The UK’S Lewis Hamilton has won his fifth Formula One title in 2018. Only the German, Michael Schumacher has more titles with seven yet when Formula One makes its debut in Hanoi in 2020, who knows, Hamilton may be on his way to matching that? He will need to win again next season first of course. Hanoi will host Formula One for a decade from then and it is yet another reason why the Country will get more visitors keen to enjoy a Vietnam travel package.

The number of tourists arriving for Vietnam tour packages has been rising year on year and is now in excess of 13 million annually. The F1 Race and the additional things that Hanoi and Vietnam as a whole is bound to offer in 2020 are certain to keep that number rising.

The race will be held through the streets of Hanoi. Anyone who has had a Vietnam holiday will know how busy these streets are on a daily basis. It is never easy to actually cross the road without care. The roads that will make up the course will close 4 or 5 days before the Race; that will be a logistical challenge but there is plenty of time to think through the process. The main days of a Grand Prix are final practice and qualifying on Saturday and the race itself on Sunday. Weekend traffic is lighter in the Capital which will reduce the negative impact on the City.

The race will be in April, fairly early in the calendar and long before there is any chance of the monsoons arriving.

Hosting a Grand Prix does not require any local expertise as such. As long as the venue is suitable, locals and tourists who may follow the calendar each year can sit back and enjoy the event. In the case of Hanoi, tourists are most welcome so all the necessary ingredients are in place for a really successful occasion.

It will be the first occasion when Vietnam will host a truly world sporting event. As it has proved over recent years as tourist numbers have grown, the Country is more than capable of hosting tourists and there is no reason why it will not take this in its stride. At this stage, there is no decision on the time that the race will take place. As far as possible, the races take place early afternoon European time with some of the calendar taking place under lights. That is unlikely to be the case in Hanoi with a mid -afternoon start coinciding with early morning in Europe.

The announcement is a major coup for Vietnam that has committed itself to boosting it economy through tourism and commercial agreements. If a boost was needed, attracting Formula One is a great way to do it. If you have yet to think about Vietnam as a holiday destination, perhaps this development will start to get you thinking?  Go on, get in touch with a Vietnam travel agent.