Phu Quoc Makes a Compelling Case for your 2019 Vacation

22, November, 2018

 Phu Quoc Makes a Compelling Case for your 2019 Vacation

The recent recognition of Phu Quoc as among the top ten international vacation destinations by ‘’The Travel’’ will come as no surprise to those who have already been there. If you are thinking about a Vietnam holiday then make sure your Vietnam travel agency includes itwithin your Vietnam travel package itinerary.  

A couple of years ago, the award for being the 10 millionth tourist in the current year was given to someone arriving at Phu Quoc’s International Airport. Moving forward to today, the figures have continued to increase with Vietnam now welcoming more than 13 million visitors annually.

‘’The Travel’’ has identified the beaches of Phu Quoc as real gems. Anyone looking for relaxation after visiting the highlights of Vietnam is certain to love time on the beautiful white sand with the occasional dip in the sea.  Luxury hotels and the warm climate both add to the enjoyment.

Phu Quoc is in fact 28 islands, several of which are uninhabited.  Even though they are becoming increasingly popular and ‘’The Travel’s’’ announcement will only increase that popularity, you will still have a feeling of tranquility wherever you go. CNN has also mentioned Phu Quoc in its top five beach destinations, noting that it is just an hour from Ho Chi Minh City.

At one time prisoners were held on Phu Quoc and the museum that was once the prison tells visitors of those times. Its National Park with the lovely Suoi Tranh Waterfall is another reason to leave the beaches and explore. The cuisine is special with the seafood that day’s catch. Phu Quoc is actually famous for its fish sauce though its smell is far worse than the flavour it imparts.

If you are thinking about a holiday there look to the months between December and April before the chance of the start of the monsoons. Here are some of the beaches you should seek out after arrival:

•    Dai Beach is in the north west, fairly small but nearby developments include a golf course, an amusement park and excellent hotels.
•    Ganh Dau is another in the north west, with a developing resort close to a small fishing village.
•    Vung Bau Beach is just to the south of Dai Beach.  You will not come across crowds and can enjoy a quiet picnic and swim.It
•    Ong Lang Beach, on the west coast is near the town of Duong Dong. It is a popular spot so you won’t be alone but the plus side is the availability of food and drink close by.
•    Long Beach is a stretch of sand 20 kilometres long on the southwest coast.
•    Rach Tram & Rach Vem are two remote beaches up in the north. As a result, they are quieter than most withlocal fishermen still leading the lives they have always done. To date, there is no local accommodation for tourists but some see that as a real benefit of the place rather than a negative.