Vietnam, destination for the American Travelers in 2019

14, January, 2019

Vietnam, destination for the American Travelers in 2019

Vietnam - The Most Sought after Destination for the American Travelers in 2019
Choosing where to go for the first ever international holiday trip will be something that you remember forever. What would be the flagship destination of American Travelers for 2019? In a survey conducted by Price Water house Coopers among Americans to find out the Top 10 hot destinations across the globe, Vietnam also holds a prominent place. It is surprising to see Vietnam in the list as it marks the trend of backpackers choosing to explore off-beat travel experiences.

Tourism in Vietnam
Vietnam is witnessing a 30% growth in international travelers with many travelers from the USA coming to enjoy the charm of this alluring country. What is thefavorite season of American tourists? Indeed not summer, the majority of travelerspreferto travel in winter and spring when the climate ispleasant and when they can enjoy the seaside to breathe the fresh air and leisure activities.

Vietnam has been experiencing a surprise rise in the arrival of foreign travelers especially from the USA and Australia due to its tourist-friendly people, affordability, an abundance of attractions for every type of traveler, rich culture, etc. For travelers who are selling richer experience for less, Vietnam is one of Asia's leading destinations perfect for their valuable leisure holidays.

From Beautiful pristine sandy beaches, a day trip to nearby islands, opportunity to snorkel, perform scuba diving, enjoy a leisure bike ride, eco routewithlocalfarms, to indulging in cooking classes for learning Vietnamese recipes, Vietnam covers almost all activities that make it the best choice for a beautiful vacation.

Why is Vietnam becoming a hot destination for American tourists?

The Abundance of Adventurous Experience:
Vietnam, especially northern Vietnam is an ideal place for adventurous travel with fascinating mountain paths, natural reserves and national reserves offering adventurous activities like kayaking, hiking, biking, trekking,and mountainclimbing. From exploring the world’s largest cave to unique heritage, Vietnam has something new to experience at every turn.

vietnam american travelers in 2019

Art and Cultural travel experience:
Art and cultural experience is the one luxury in life that lasts forever. Vietnam, voted as one among the interesting 5 world destinations because it is rich in culture and art and you can get the taste of most cultures in any urban center, their cuisine, art, handcrafted good, ethnicity, heritage, there is so much you can explore.

Won a series of awards:
In 2018, Vietnam has won a series of an international award recognizing it as a safe, adventurous and friendly destination for global travelers. For the first time, Vietnam it had the honor as Asia's leading destinationduring the 2018 World Travel Awards in Hong Kong. Vietnam got another travel boost when it received the recognization as  ‘Asia’s best golf destination in 2018’ at the Golf World Travel Awards. All of these also contributed to Vietnam's global recognition and popularity among travelers across the world, especially Americans.

Why Must You IncludeVietnam in Your Travel List?

People are amiable:
If you are a backpacker frequentlytraveling to international countries, you might be probably cool with handling less than pleasantlocals. However, if it is your first trip abroad, you might be unsure how to handle standoffish and rude locals. Considering that, Vietnam is a great place to plan your next international trip as the locals are very polite and friendly with foreigners.

Delicious cuisine awaits you:
Vietnam is quite famous for itscuisines with plenty of delicious and lip-smacking food filled with distinctiveVietnameseflavor, and you would succumb to its irresistible temptatioens. Their unique coffee with egg yolk and deliciously sweet condensed milk is something you must experience. 

Tons of incredible attractions to explore:
Once you are in Vietnam, you would never be out ofthe idea of what to do or where to go next. There are lots ofactivities to do and populartourist attractions to explore. If you arebeach bum, the coastal city of Vietnam awaits you, and for history buffs, adventure loves, the choices are immense. Whatever be your taste, Vietnam has got everything for you.

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Budget travel is what Vietnam is all about
You cannot find a better budget travel destinationthatVietnam. For beginners, who want to explore the country, there isplenty of affordable option when it comes to attractions, accommodations, food, Shopping, transport, etc. All are quite affordable, and youwill never end up spending more than you planned. You can find many experienced tour operators, offering excellent holiday packages, which are inexpensive and also it is possible to make tailor-made packages as per your choice of preference.

Experience the goodness of traditional medicine
Vietnam is home to a vibrant collage of ethnic groups filtered into subgroups. From homestays to the traditional spa, medicinal herbs encounters with the ethnic culture are a highlight of any trip to Vietnam. You can sign up for a unique medicinal plant tour that takes you across the hills accompanied by a traditional doctor.

Yao herbal baths as they are known are popular for body detoxification, and it even improves bone health. It is a must try after a tough mountain hike in Lao Cai or Sapa. You can book a homestay with Tay, the second largest ethnic group in Vietnam to experience the Tay culture at its heart.

Excellent weather:
Who wouldn'tlove to visit a country having great weather, throughout the year? Most Americans like to visit Vietnam due to the great weather and in particular, guaranteedweather year round. Contcerning climatic conditions, Vietnam doesn't pack any surprises.Mostly; the weather is beautiful all the times in all regions and climate zones.

In 2019, Vietnamexpects to welcome around 103 million travelers including 18 million foreigners and 85 million domestic travelers. As the current flow of tourist influx continues like this,Vietnam would overcome Bali at the top of American travelers list when it comes to overseas holidays. Undoubtedly, we can say that Ho Chi Minh City has emerged as thebesttourist destination, in the South East Asia countries’thanks to cheapair rates and increased availability of in-flight services.

Vietnam air rates are becomingmoreaffordable, and it is one of thebest-valued destinations of 2019 when it comes to food, accommodation,and flights. Now, Vietnam is 25%cheaper than it was a year ago and the country has been luringtravelerswith its street food, nightlife,and outdoor experiences.The combined efforts of tour operators in offering economical tour packages, tailor-made tour packages, professional bilingual guides, private tour packages, friendly natives are enough reason for attracting foreign tourists to Vietnam.

By choosing a right tour package, and best tour destinationsyou can enjoy luxury accommodation, visiting amazing holiday locations, you will have the opportunity to touch the soul of Vietnam. Get in touch with your tour operator!

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