Hoi An among world’s most affordable destinations

24, January, 2019

Hoi An among world’s most affordable destinations

Vietnam is a pocket-friendly destination for all backpackers who would love to have a distinct international experience. From Ho Chi Minh to Halong Bay, Vietnam Tourism’s is celestial by its abundant natural beauty and resilience of itslocals.

Walk along the busy promenades lined with adorable French traditional architecture, visit the limestone pillars of Halong Bay or wander among the crumbling ruins of a once-prominent empire in Hue, no matter the attractions, with the right Vietnam tour package your travel experience would be unforgettable.

Most affordable destinations:
Hoi An, the ancient town in the central province of Quang Nam is one of the most wallet-friendly holiday destinations in the world in 2019. The best of Hoi An tourism is that it is a well preserved ancient town that grips travelers from afar.

Hoi An top the list of favorite destination of travelers in the world who love to spend time watching the sunset, spend time by the river, stroll through charming old town and drinking quite inexpensive beer.

Hoi An attractions comprise of picturesque pagodas, historic buildings, street side cafes and it is popular for buying handmade clothes too. In an otherwise frenetic country like Vietnam, Hoi An makes a relaxing destination for its visitors.

How to Get to Hoi An
Da Nang InternationalAirport is the closest transit point, located in the heart of Da Nang, about 30kms from Hoi An. From Da Nangairport, it takes about 30 minutes to reach Hoi, and in a metered taxi, it should cost you not more than VND 300,000depending on yourfinal destination.

The nearest train station to Hoi An is Da Nang station, and from there you can easily get private taxis for the US $8. While there are bus services; busservices are few in numbers as most buses operates on long distance trips and head to Da Nang’s major hub from where you can take a localbus or taxi service to Hoi An. Deluxebuses or open bus services are offering by tour companies to Hoi An are the best option that allows you to save extra. You can either take a local bus from Da Nang station or the small busstation in Nguyen Tat Thank Street at Le Hong Phong Street.

Typical Cost of Basic Amenities

Meals in restaurants start about VND 30,000 or $1.29, and street food starts at VND 15,000 or $0.64. Wine is expensive but the beer is inexpensive, and you can have it for about VND 12,000-15,000 or less than a dollar.  You can enjoy the famous Vietnam coffee for about VND 20,000-30,000 VND which is less than $2. If you prefer doing self-cooking, basic groceries for a week will cost you about VND 600,000 or $25.

Transportation Costs
All must see tourist spots in Hoi Anis within walking distance, so you need notspend much on transportation. If you choose to explore, you can rent a motorbike for VND 80,000 ($2.58) or VND 30,000($1.29) per day. If the town is free of the traffic jam, then it will be an entertaining experience having a private ride. Metered taxis are one of the highlighted transport services in Vietnam, and they are very much affordable.  Taxi charges from Da Nang airport to the center of Hoi An costs about VND 250,000 or less than $11.

Accommodation in Hoi An is inexpensive. You can find many budget hotels scattered across the city. The cost for a double room comes about VND 270,000 ($11.61). Some hotels will have pools and if you are looking for hotel accommodation with pool and poolside bars, make sure you pick one of them.

If you are looking for luxury hotel with vibrant night life, Hoi An won’t disappoint you. Again, if you are looking for cheap accommodation options, there are a few cheap hostels for about VND 160,000 or less than US$7 per night. Lots of dormitory hostelsofferexcellentamenities like breakfast, WiFi and will also provide bicycles for rent.
10 Awesome Things to Do in Hoi an on a Budget

Taste the local specialties
Food is delicious and damn cheap in Vietnam. When in Hoi An, you must not exclude Cao Lau that is a noodle dish with local greens and roasted pork. Cao Lau is very different from any other noodle dish in Vietnam.

Relax at white sandy beaches
When the climate is getting hot, the beaches of Hoi an are excellent for a refreshing swim. Just 5km from the center of the town is Cua Dai,the most popular and expensive Hoi An beach. During low tourist influx, you can get free parking and even beach deckchair, but restaurants in Cua Dai beach expects you to buy at least a drink or two. You can see the mountains of Cham Island and the Da Nang city.

Get a basket boat and explore the Canals
Paddling in basket boats is an exciting activity here. These are traditional boats using by local fishers. Hoi An is one of the last places where fishermen are still using woven basket boats for its ease of mobility to navigate through canals. While paddling a basket boat is not easy; definitely, it would be a cool experience for tourists. You can even opt for a fishing boat tour to explore Vietnam attractions, catch some fish and sign up yourself for a cooking class.

Explore the countryside by bike
Exploring Hoi An on a bicycle or a motorcycle is the perfect way to indulge yourself in Hoi An's pace. It is a great way to escape from the touristcenter and understand howlocals live. Ride through rice fields, across rivers and farming lands of Tra Que, a small villagelocated in the Northeast side of Hoi An.

Visit temple ruins
My Son is just 50 km from Hoi An and can cover within one hour by taxi. It is aHindu temple heritage site, whose construction dated back to 4th to 14th century AD. The extremely dilapidated temples showcase the ancient rich culture of Vietnamese and the Hindu culture, which are worth to visit. Ideallylocated in the valley of a beautiful green forest lies thepartially destroyed temples mostly entangled by the jungle. You can get there on a motorbike or by bus or rope into a package tour conducted by an experienced tour operator.

Take part in the full moon lantern festival
The full moon lantern festival is one of the popularcultural activitiesof Hoi An. During this season, the entire town dress up in the most romantic way with colorful candlelit lanterns while all street lights go out. During this time locals honortheirancestors by offeringfruits, flowers and burning fake dollars. People also release paper candles in water believing it can bring good luck and all your wishes true.

If you want to enjoy the romantic Hoi An, make a short cruise on the river and watch the whole town lit with lights and lanterns. While the lantern costs about VND 5,000 ($ 0.21), some sellers sell it for a starting price of VND 10,000 ($ 0.43). A typical sampan boat ride through the maze of lanterns will cost you about VND 100,000 or less than $5.

When compared with other cities around the world, the price for staple items like a cup of coffee(Less than $3), water bottle ($0.71 for a 1.5L bottle), a meal for two (less than $65 for a 3 course meal with wine), a glass of wine (Less than $6 for 175 ml), sunscreen (Less than $6), beer (Less than $4 for a bottle of local beer), etc., costs much less. Not just the cost of things and facilities, comparing it with all othercities in Vietnam, Hoi An is impossibly charming, and that is precisely the answer to why visit Hoi An.

One of the significant Hoi An facts is that it was Vietnam’s major trading port during the 15th century and now it is one of Vietnam’s most beautiful towns. Inthe annual holiday report compiled by Post Office Travel Money, Hoi An positioned at rank No 11among 19 cheapest holiday destinations in the world due to the aggressive official Vietnam tourism promotional activities.