Vietnam’s Great Start to its 2019 Target

11, February, 2019

Vietnam’s Great Start to its 2019 Target

Vietnam has set itself a target for 2019; 18 million visitors for the year and the fact that as January has come to an end 1.5 million have already arrived suggests that its target is achievable. It was not long ago that Vietnam celebrated 10 million annually so clearly tourists who have enjoyed a Vietnam holiday have spoken positively of their experience.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has been very proactive in promoting Vietnam, helped by experienced Vietnam travel agents who have been able to organise everything from Vietnam family holidays to holidays helping to reveal the country’s many atttactions.

The most recent Tourism Fair that the Minstry attended was in Madrid and there are plans for a presence in many diverse countries ranging from Germany and Russia to Korea, Japan and China closer to home. The importance of such exposure cannot be overemphasised while there is recognition that the development of the  internal tourist infrastructure in Vietnam is an ongoing project.

There are already a number of Vietnam travel agencies that have guides who can speak a sereies of languages and as a result have established themselves as leaders in the sector. They are happy to discuss Vietnam tour packages with clients and tailor a holiday specifically to clients’ interests. History and culture are popular but you can look for bespoke tours that concentrate on activities, eco-tourism, the wonderful coastline and its resorts or a package combining everything.

There is already a good transport infrastructure within Vietnam. The two main international airports are Ho Chi Minh City in the south and Hanoi, the capital, in the north. Da Nang in Central Vietnam and Phu Quoc, an offshore island in the south also hasd international flights. Domestic connections allow travellers to get around the Country quickly while the road and rail connections allow a more leisurely journey through Vietnam.

The international awards won by Vietnam in recent times include “Asia’s Leading Destination” at last year’s World Travel Awards in Hong Kong  and “Asia’s best golf destination in 2018” at the Golf World Travel Awards shortly afterwards. The Government has recognised the value of this status and at the end of the year set aside a development fund to continue the Country’s growth.  There is huge employment potential within the tourism sector and Vietnam’s Government is determined to maximise that potential.

January’s figures issued by the General Statistics Office are significantly higher than in 2018 with fewer tourists arriving by land which suggests more travellers are coming from further afield as well. Closer analysis of the figures indicates that there is growth from every continent over than Africa. Without decrying Africa as such, the disposable income of people from other continents in the world makes them very attractive to Vietnam.

It is all good news in Vietnam at present and there is determination at every level in society that this will remain the case.