Hoi An, Great Choice for Family Holidays in Vietnam

18, February, 2019

Hoi An, Great Choice for Family Holidays in Vietnam

Vietnam is a country of infinite variety. It can offer great experiences to people of all ages. You have just to read through the Vietnam tour packages that come as standard to realise that. If you want a tailor made Vıetnam holiday itinerary, you will only have to contact a reputable Vietnam travel agent to get that devised for you.

One of the regions that is growing in popularity especially with families visiting Vietnam is the Province of Quang Nam in Central Vietnam, and specifically the ancient port of Hoi An which was an important trading centre back in the Champa Kingdom that began as early as the 7th Century.

Better Homes and Gardens, an Australian multi-platform brand, has identified Hoi An as a great place for families in the coming year and beyond. It is a mixture of historical and cultural while the coastal location allows families to enjoy the sandy beaches and warm sea as well.

The Australian brand goes into detail about all aspects of Hoi An including those lovely beaches. It mentions the bustling markets and value for money cuisine, the diverse landscape as well as that history and culture. In terms of value, it concludes that it is a match for anywhere within the region as a whole.

The nearest airport is in Vietnam’s third city, Da Nang, which is not too far away. It has its own direct international flights as well as regular domestic connections with the two main points of arrival in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City in the south and the capital, Hanoi in the north.

The feature discusses other destinations including Singapore, London, Washington DC in the USA, Dubai, Hawaii and places such as Queenstown in New Zealand and Rovaniemi in Finland but there is a common thread which goes through places like those; they are hugely expnsive when compared to Hoi An.

Elle, the French magazine about fashion, beauty and lifestyle has joined the debate and it also rates Hoi An extremely highly in the destinations that a family should consider for 2019. It talks about some of the major attractions within Hoi An including the old Japanese Covered Bridge. It was built in the 16th Century when the Japanese had a strong presence in Hoi An.

Other highlights of Hoi An that may help you all decide it is a holiday destination for you are:
•    A number of museums with various themes; Hıstory and Culture, Trade Ceramics, Folk Culture and Precious Heritage.
•    Hokien Meeting Hall and Cantonese Assembly Hall as examples of the time the Chinese were a major influence.
•    The Fish Market although that does involve an early start to the day.
•    The Old Town as a whole, a UNESCO World Heritage site, that is almost a museum in its own right and gives the visitor an idea of the influences on this old port over the centuries.

Take the advice of Better Homes and Gardens and Elle. Head for Hoi An.

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