Vietnam’s Timeless Charm

24, February, 2019

Vietnam’s Timeless Charm

Vietnam is a beautiful country that has been left unexplored for an extended period. With more people heading over, it has gained more attention and raised to the title of the popular tourist destination among foreign travelers. Holidays are the quintessential necessity of one’s life as if it is to the most scenic and spectacular destination like Vietnam; it gives the experience of a lifetime.

With many incredible scenic attractions like mountains, deep valleys, rivers, sparkling white sand beaches, paddy fields, monuments, sanctuaries,and cultural hubs, Vietnam has got a lot in store for every kind of backpacker. The choices of tourist destinations to visit in Vietnam is immense, and none should be skilled.

Tourism pioneer’s economic industry of Vietnam
Over the past years, there has been a rise in the number of foreigners choosing Vietnam as their favorite travel destination over other countries. Vietnam is one of the most alluring and affordable travel destinations in the world with over 15.5 million foreign visits with a 20 percent increase in Vietnam toursevery year. Additionally, Vietnam’s tourism also has received many international recognition and awards including Asia’s Leading Travel Destination Of 2018.

Organizing travel in Vietnam usually is effortless, and if you hire a reputed Vietnam tour operator, you can get customized tour packages according to your preferences. You can find several reputed travel companies offering exciting tour packages at a reasonable price. Vietnam is not only a fascinating destination with lots of scenic attractions and travel destinations of cultural essence, but it is also a country that understands hospitality. With several UNESCO world heritage sites and the largest cave inthe world, Vietnam is an extraordinarily varied and fascinating place to plan your next vacation.

5 most sought-after tourist destinations in Vietnam
If you wonder where to visit inVietnam, you will find amazing tourists spots all over in the country. Vietnam has got a wonderful mix of cultural diversity and natural highlights.  While rural cities brim with fantastic panoramas, the big cities breathe with contemporary life and offer ample opportunities to get indulged in Vietnamese culinary highlights.
Here are some ofthe most sought after destinations in Vietnam you must add to yourVietnam travel list.

1.    Cu Chi Tunnels in Ho Chi Minh
CuiChi Tunnels is a kind of thrilling experience for the brave hearts who would like to explore the Vietnam War era. Though it is not a pleasant experience, it will help you to understand the history of the Vietnam War as it makes up the rich history of the vibrant country. Cu Chi tunnels are 250 km long underpass dug during the Vietnam Warfor communication and fighters movement. It has dark and narrow branches, weapon storage rooms, secret canal routes, meandering tunnels and much more. Vietnam travel guide will explain the rich history of the war period and the significance of Cu Chi Tunnels in the history of Vietnam. Ben Dinh and Ben Duoc are the most historically important tunnels that you shouldn't miss when you visit Vietnam. The entry fee to the historic tunnel network is VND 90,000 or less than $4.

vietnam tour cu chi tunnels

2.    Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi
Hoan Kiem Lake is a freshwater lake inthe historical center of Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. The peaceful and serene lake surrounding Ngoc Son temple, sitting in the center on a small island. It is an excellent shaded spot to escape the busy city streets to enjoy quiet family time. Famous for its natural beauty, the lake is the place where you can take great pictures in a scenic background. The entry fee is for the Vietnam tour is aboutVND 20,000or less than $1.

vietnam tour hoan kiem lake 

3.    Sapa
Located about 350 km northwest of Hanoi, Sapa is a small mountain town close to the Chinese border. Home to breath-taking landscapes, rice terraces,andthe highest mountain valley, the Hoang Lien Son range, Sapa is favorite among travelers for its picturesque landscapes and distinct cultures of many ancient tribe groups.

In Sapa, you can trek and visit fascinating tribal villages, marvel at the beautiful Love Waterfalllocated in San Sa Ho Commune, take a leisure stroll in Sapa lake, climb the highest mountain in Vietnam, the Fansipan or Bask in the green rice terraces of Muong Hoa Valley, the options are plenty. The love waterfallshave an entry fee of VND 70,000 or $4, and if you are not willing to pay that much the Silver falls, or ThacBacwaterfall, which is open for the tourist at VND 20,000 or less than $1 is a great deal.

vietnam tour sapa

4.    Trang An in Ninh Binh
Located in the province of northern Vietnam called Ninh Binh, Trang An is a UNESCO world heritage site with magnificent karst scenery surrounding the Tam Coc villages. It is a spectacular Vietnam travel destination beholding limestone karst peaks surrounded by steep and vertical cliffs. Unlike normal mountain range where the slopes you can find interconnected.Most of these peaks of Trang An stand in isolation, making it a dramatic landscape. There are around 30 valleys, and 50 caves in the area and the Trang An boat tour is the most popular activity to do here. The ticket price costs around VND 200,000 or less than $9.

vietnam tour trang an

5.    Halong Bay in Quảng Ninh Province
Every backpacker's dream is to visit picture postcard destinations while visiting foreign countries. Halong Bay is one such destination where you can explore the emerald blue water and the marine cliffs scattered around with the most beautiful karst topography. Halong Bay is rich with wave-eroded limestone caves, grottoes, sinkholes lakes and everything that pleases your eyes and soul. Book for cruise tours in and around the bay during your Vietnam holidaysto experience its real beauty. The Halong Bay entrance fee comes about VND 120,000, and you have to pay an additional charge of VND 30,000 for cave entry.

vietnam tour halong bay

It will be no exaggeration if you call Vietnam a destination of astonishing beauty. Yes, there are bustling cities, pristine beaches, babbling rivers, adventurous sports, exquisite pagodas and everything you need during a Holiday in Vietnam.

A visit to Vietnam is an adventure of its own. Finding new entertainments,activities each time, giving your taste buds whole new experience with Vietnamese cuisines, riding to lonely mountains, observing the beauty of cities from sky bars, enjoying rich wildlife and experiencing the real Vietnam gives a travel experience of a lifetime.

Vietnam is for everyone a foodie, adventure lover, leisure seeker, beach lovers, and adrenaline junky. You can find many alluring tour packages offering by experienced tour operators, and it won't be difficult to settle with tour package suitable to your budget and preference. For the same reason, you can see a rise inthe numbers of foreignerspreferringVietnam as their favoriteholidaydestination.