Tripfuser Recommends Hoi An for a 2019 Holiday

11, April, 2019

Tripfuser Recommends Hoi An for a 2019 Holiday

This travel expert has identified Hoi An as a great destination for 2019 with unique activities adding to experience that the former trading port in the Champa Kingdom can provide. Hoi An is many centuries old and is thought to have been an important trading port as far back as the 7th Century.

One of the activities that is certainly different and which Tripfuser suggests is to go out with local fishermen in a traditional basket boat. These boats were heavily taxed during the colonial rule of the French and have become a symbol of the coastal regions and its independence from colonial rule.

Hoi An is one of Vietnam’s prettiest towns and is regularly included in Vietnam travel packages. This is Central Vietnam and whether your holiday takes you from north to south or the reverse, Hoi An is a place that you should stop and explore. The basket boat ride takes you along the river or out to sea, when it is calm.

The famous French magazine, Elle, recently selected Hoi An as one of the top holiday ideas for 2019. Its large readership includes people interested in health and beauty, entertainment and fashion so the message in its article is likely to be investigated by plenty of people with disposable income for an exotic holiday. Its article describes Hoi An’s history, architecture and culture.

The Japanese Covered Bridge is certainly one of its highlights while the busy market on the river bank is a hive of activity. The Bridge was built, not surprisingly, by the Japanese who occupied Hoi An in the 16th Century. It is lit up at night and there is a small pagoda inside.The Bridge underwent restoration in the 1980s. In fact, Hoi An lights up at night; it is famous for its colourful lanterns which incidentally make great presents if they fold flat.

Among the museums you can visit in the Old Town are the Museum of Folk Culture, the Museum of Trade Ceramics, the Museum of History and Culture, the Precious Heritage Museum and the Museum of Sa Huynh Culture.

Just outside Hoi An, it is worth taking a trip to another UNESCO World Heritage site, My Son. The Hindu ruins that you will see are dated as far back as the 4th Century within the Champa Kingdom. Experts say that My Son once had 70 temples and it is among the most important Hindu sites in South East Asia. France dis some restoration work here in the 30s and some of its content is now exhibited both back in France as well as within Vietnam.

Even before Elle’s article and Tripfuser’s comments, Hoi An has over 5 million visitors in 2018, a 50% increase on the previous year. Most of those visitors, above 70%, were from overseas.If you want to learn more about Hoi An and its attractions, contact a good Vietnam travel agent who will be only too happy to help. You will be under no obligation simply because you make an enquiry.