The Delights of Vietnam Are Awaiting 50 Somethings and Older

18, April, 2019

The Delights of Vietnam Are Awaiting 50 Somethings and Older

Travel & Leisure, a USA magazine, has identified Vietnam as a great place for people of 50 and more to travel for a holiday. Vietnam’s tourist numbers are climbing year after year and the New York-based magazine’s article is likely to strengthen even further the number of Americans heading that way for a holiday and perhaps even more.

Typical Vietnam packages offer huge variety; bustling cities, rich history including the former imperial city of Hue and the Champa Kingdom port of Hoi An, other UNESCO World Heritage sites like My Son and Ha Long Bay and a lovely natural environment. People who have already enjoyed a Vietnam holiday are certain to support the stance that Travel & Leisure has taken

The Magazine suggests a number of locations and experiences that travellers should ask Vietnam travel agents to include in their itineraries. The fishing villages are among them. Little has changed in such villages over the years. The houses are often built on stilts which in themselves make an interesting photograph. While your trips on the water may be restricted to cruising with an experienced pilot in places like Ha Long Bay, you can try a traditional bamboo boat if you are adventurous.

Vietnamese cuisine has gradually increased its presence around the world and you would certainly impress friends and family if you could cook some of it once you return home. That is possible because you can enjoy a cookery lesson. It is likely to begin by your heading to the market to buy the fresh ingredients for the dishes and finish with eating what you have cooked. Spring Rolls and Bun Bo Hue, a popular noodle dish,are a good introduction to Vietnamese cuisine.

There is time to relax during a holiday in Vietnam and what better way to do that than learning about yoga? It is extremely suitable for 50 somethings and is a form of exercise that people can continue for the remainder of their lives.

International Living (IL) and Live and Invest Overseas (LIO) have gone even further than suggesting a holiday. They have identified Vietnam as a place to actually retire, highlighting that it is relatively cheap to live well. Retirees may only need $1,000 a month to live which is in sharp contrast with many other places in the world, certainly in Europe and North America. LIO suggests that Da Nang in Central Vietnam and the Country’s third city with a population of around a million is a place to consider. It has little of the bustle of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, retaining an intimate feel that is so rare in cities. A suggested alternative is Da Lat in the Central Highlands, a place developed by the French because it was generally cooler than lowland areas.

It is an interesting idea that these two are suggesting but perhaps the start is to book a holiday in Vietnam to enjoy all it has to offer, then who knows?