Photos of Pu Luong

09, May, 2019

Photos of Pu Luong

Pu Luong is remote, but stunning mountainous area of Thanh Hoa province. Tourists are choosing this destination as an alternative for Sapa because Sapa is becoming too touristic and commercial. Below are some photos of Pu Luong;

Pu Luong Overview - Don Village
pu luong panorama

Sunrise at Don Village - Pu Luong
sunrise at pu luong

Homestay - Don Village
homestay in pu luong at don village

Rice Terraces in Pu Luong
pu luong rice terraces

Bamboo rafting on Cham River - Pu Luong
bamboo rafting in pu luong

Water Wheels at Chieng Lau  Village - Pu Luong
water wheels at chieng lau village in pu luong

Sunset at Chieng Lau village - Pu Luong
sunset in pu luong

 Should you want to see more, please watch our clip of Pu Luong