Quy Nhon – A SeductiveVietnam Beach Destination

27, May, 2019

Quy Nhon – A SeductiveVietnam Beach Destination

Comparatively free from all sort of high voltage tourism activities, Quy Nhon is a beach paradise located between Hoi An and Nha Trang. Out of all the prominent tourist locations in Vietnam, Quy Nhon holds a unique place bestowed with pristine beaches, has every potential to make your holiday fun and frolic. It is a mid-sized beach town in the Binh Dinh province and easily touted as the next Vietnam beach getaway.

Quy Nhon is a developing port city with a population of about 280,000 peoplehas the means to attract more tourists. Fishing is a traditional activity here, making it the best location in Vietnam for seafood. It is the capital of Binh Dinh, located on the central part of Vietnam best known as a stopover destination between Hoi An and Nha Trang.

How to Reach Quy Nhon
Tourists can reach Quy Nhonby air, train, and road. Flying is the most convenient mode of travel to visit Quy Nhon when you are planning for a Vietnam beach break destination. Phu Cat Airport is the only domestic airport for Quy Nhon, which was an American air base before the liberation, located at the north.  The airport caters daily flights to Ho Chi Minh city and weekly three flight service to Hanoi.

Those who prefer to travel by bus can board from Quy Nhon bus station located on the south side of the city. From Quang Ngai, regular bus services are available to Hue and Danang.  Quy Nhon is 677 kilometers away from Ho Chi Minh City and 303 kilometers from Danang.

For people interested in traveling by train can hope on luxury train services like Golden Trains or the Reunification Express which stops at Dieu Tri, hardly 10 kilometers west of Quy Nhon.

Accommodation facilities available at Quy Nhon
The Vietnam beach holidaywill be a delightful experience if you can find the right type of accommodation. You can find enough accommodation centers in Quy Nhon from low cost to expensive luxury types. Most of the resorts are very close to the heart of the city, and room rates are just below USD 100.

You can find many luxury hotels in the central part of the city, close to the Quy Nhon beach. This gives one access to many local restaurants, cafes, and shops. Also, the hotels are well-furnished and inexpensive. Don’t get surprised when you find hotels below US$15 per day/night.

Other lodging options include hostels, homestays, andBunk Bed in Dom and even whole houses. Most of these options are available for online booking. Hence, you will find it is easy to plan your trip without any hassles.

Beach Activities
Being a beach town, it makes sense to explore the beaches of this pristine town. Queen’s Beach and Quy Hoa Beach are the most popular beaches here and are ideal Vietnam beach destinations for families.

Queen Beach
Located at the Ghenh Rang area, the Queen beach is just 2km from the center of the Quy Nhon. The beach named after Queen Nam Phuong, as it was one of the favorite beach destinations of the queen.  Queen beach as both loveliness and beauty associated with it and makes it a favorite Vietnam beach for family. Here visitors will find themselves immersed in a quiet space, fresh wind, and waves. The rock rich beach is also famous as ‘Martin Bird Beach,’ as the Martin birds used to come here for foods.

Bai Xep beach
Located at 10 km from Quy Nhon, Bai Xep beach is the perfect escape who wants to get all immersed in nature. The peculiarity of this hamlet is, it is a car-free location. It allows one to experience an authentic Vietnamese beach without any traces of modern tourism, making it the perfect Vietnam beach getaway. One of the must do things at Bai Xep beachis the Island Boat Trip. It is an excellent dose of relaxation with ample scope of adventure.

Quy Nhon Attractions for Foreigners
Having a chance to experience the authentic local food is the most exceptional experience one can enjoy and make it memorable when traveling to a new destination. If you are a foodie, then Quy Nhon won't disappoint you. You can enjoy the best local seafood at Quy Nhon.

The foreigners visiting Quy Nhon should try the authentic Vietnamese local delicacies like Quy Nhon Fish Cake Noodle (Bun cha ca Quy Nhon), Fiddler Crab Noodle (Bun ram), Pig Intestine with Soft & Thin Vermicelli (Banh Hoi Long Heo). You can find many street food stalls selling delicacies. So, while visiting Vietnam, never miss visiting the Quy Nhon Vietnam beach for family leisure and entertainment.

Binh Dinh Museum:
The museum is worth see, depicting the struggles of Viet Kong soldiers (the communist soldiers) in the hands of the American army. The right portion of the gallery is devoted explicitly to the relics/pics of communist fighting against the US. The central gallery features lots of artifacts dated back to the French Colonial era. On the left side of the gallery has a special exhibition of Charm sculptures.

Thap Doi Cham Towers:
It is an exciting location in Quy Nhon, particularly the formation of large towers and its location.  Most of the towers, you can find on hilltops and in odd numbers. Only one group of towers appear in pair, and that is located in the town of Quy Nhon. The sculptures look remarkably intact, eventhough its construction dating back to centuries.

Long Khanh: It is an important Pagoda in Quy Nhon and is a must visit location. The main attraction of the Pagoda is the17-meter-high Buddha statue, built in the 18th century.
Trekking:Even though being a Vietnam beach break destination, there are plenty of hike trails near the city. One such is near Eo Gio Beach. The view from the top of the trail is breathtaking. The strong winds and the sprawling green meadows bring the time to an absolute standstill. One should gofor trekking near Eo Gio beach while visiting Quy Nhon.

Underwater Road:One of the upbeat locations near Quy Nhon is the Underwater Road in Hon Kho Island. You can easily get to the Island from the Nhon Hal village near Quy Nhon. Once landed at Hon Kho Island, clear blue water and beautiful coral reefs welcome you. Then there is the sandy underwater road to walk on. You can access the road during low tides. Your tour guide will let you know the tide timing, hence make sure to visit the area along with your guide.

Tour Operators service
When there is so much to see in Vietnam tour and include many items in a Vietnam beach getawayprogram, then planning an itinerary by meeting all the objective will be a daunting task. Obviously, one cannot visit every place; however, one shouldn't miss the most important places too. Therefore, it would be ideal for taking the service reputed tour operators.

Tour operators in Vietnam offers a variety of services including visa processing, ticket booking, tour program preparations, accommodation, airport pick up and drop, package tours, guide services, etc. You can make an online booking, and most of the tour operators accept credit card/net banking.

Beach season to visit Quy Nhon:
Quy Nhon has two seasons i.e., wet and dry. The wet season is from October to February while the dry season is from March to December. Being the bestVietnam beach holiday destination, it is recommended to visit this port city during the dry months.

All these features make Quy Nhon; a must visit Vietnam beach holiday destination. Quy Nhon, a progressive coastal city, blessed with a pristine sandy beach, is an emerging tourist destination and attracts vacation seekers from all over the world. Its clean and litter-free streets offer a relieving retreat, no much traffic, and crowd. You will find it is an ideal location for spending some calm and quiet days, detached from all sort of material attractions.