A Glimpse Of Hoa Lo Prison

15, January, 2020

A Glimpse Of Hoa Lo Prison

Outrage might envelop you the moment you step inside Hoa Lo Prison. Even though only the site stands still today, the Vietnam Travel evokes sorrow from deep within. Travelers have experienced a bout of disgust while exploring this prison. The unfortunate prisoners, mostly American soldiers, had named it Hanoi Hilton.

The prisongives only a glimpse of the torment its residents had experienced. It depicts the relics of suffering and pain. The exhibits possess the power to hold you stunned in silence. Many have explored this site and returned with tales of misfortune. You may find it to be a little depressing. But a visit to Hoa Lo Prison would be a memory no one love to remember.

Vietnam Travel – Description
The prison displays the hardship the Vietnam people had underwent at various times. Their struggle to get free from the French clutch echoes inside the walls. You can almost hear the lengthy sighs and cry of pain here. Travelers don’t have to pressurize their imagination to go back to the past.

A guillotine will welcome you inside the prison. Here history rises from the pages to come alive. Your eyes will behold the object which had taken countless lives. The images may make you shrink inwardly. Gory depth of the prison will envelop you as you explore it in-depth.

Vietnam Travel –The Making
France built this prison in the year of 1896. The enormous complex has the capacity to house around 450 people. However, the records claim that more than 2000 inmates once lived there. Despite the enormity, the prison could not build a success story.

Many prisoners had succeeded in escaping from here. They used sewer grates to escape from the prison cell.  Authorities have demolished a vast portion of the prison for some development works. Hoa Lo speaks above the suffering of people who fought against the invaders and colonial rulers for independence.

During the Vietnam war, Hoa Lo was the prison for American Pilots who shot down in the north (1964-1973) and and it was named as "Hanoi Hilton Hotel".

Why Visit Hoa Lo?
Well, you might wonder why this place is worth exploring. After all, it depicts tales of suffering and torment. Every year, thousands of people visit this site. Travelers go there to experience the dark chapters of history. The stories of silence tears attract people even today.

You can stand frozen inside the prison and witness past reviving before your eyes. It is easy to guess the events of tortures.  You can experience the helplessness of the prisoners reflect on the thick shackles. You might shiver at the sight today. It had been a reality for countless inmates who lived there.

The Demolition
Nothing remains dent free in life. Hoa Lo’s glory days came to an end too. The government demolished a significant part of the prison to create space for Hanoi tower.Today, you can walk inside the prison through its front gate. The inmates used to call it the Monster’s Mouth.

You can get details of the prisoners’ life from a book called A Vietnam Experience. Admiral James Stockdale wrote this book. He had the misfortune of living in prison once. The book depicts his Vietnam travel experience in detail. You can read this book before going to explore Hoa Lo. The book will provide you ample information to evoke your curiosity to explore the torment house. You will get a plethora of transportation modes and tour assistance to reach the destination.