Coronavirus updates in Vietnam!

12, February, 2020

Coronavirus updates in Vietnam!

19 Feb 2020: 16 cases have been reported so far.

- 11 cases in Vinh Phuc province (where 7 workers came back from Wuhan and some members of their family got infected)

- 3 cases in Ho Chi Minh City (Two Chineses from Wu Han (Father and Son, both have successfully cured.) who traveled to Vietnam, One is an overseas Vietnamese who had a transfer flight in Wu Han)

- 1 case in Thanh Hoa province, a girl who came back from Wu Han, but has successfully cured.

- 1 case in Khanh Hoa province, A receptionist in a hotel in Nha Trang, infected with coronavirus after having contacted withTwo Chineses from Wu Han (Father and Son) - successfully cured.


- No death: 14 cases cured successfully and left hospital.

- Vietnamese government is now taking all necessary steps and measures to prevent Coronavirus. Schools closed until 16 Feb. Festivals and Public events are not allowed. All Vietnameses who came back from China,  are now being quarantined in 14 days. Vietnamese government strongly believes that we can prevent Coronavirus effectively.