Vietnam won the first round in Coronavirus battle – The most updated news

05, March, 2020

Vietnam won the first round in Coronavirus battle – The most updated news

The world is still struggling in dealing with Coronavirus epidemic (Covid 19) and our country – Vietnam is no exception, however, until now, we can proudly announce that our first part was done extremely well. As below, we would like to provide you with all necessary information about our current situation.

From beginning,the Vietnamese government has tried its best by taking significant measures as well as a series of decisive responses to contain the spread of the coronavirus. We have activated the response system at the early stage of the outbreak, by intensifying surveillance, enhancing laboratory testing, ensuring infection prevention and control and case management in healthcare facilities, clear risk communication message, and multi-sectoral collaboration. Besides that, we also took so many prompt actions to respond to epidemic that can be named as below:

- Shutting down schools and universities from the very first days of February
- Giving free face masks and hand sanitizer at the airports
- Setting temperature screening at the airport
- Requiring to fill in investigation form upon arrival at the airport
- Suspended the unilateral visa exemption for South Korean citizens and the visa-free policy will also be removed for Italian citizens.
- Issuing travel bans to those who have visited China/Korea
- Cancelling all flights to and from China & Korea
- People repatriate from China/Korea will be thoroughly screened, investigated and quarantined for at least 14 days
- Providing full direction to local people on how to cope with the coronavirus outbreak such as staying away from crowds, wearing face masks, washing hands regularly, immediately inform the nearest health care system in case of having symptoms, etc
- Some combat hospitals are prepared in any future serious cases
- All healthcare staffs/hospitals/governmental units organize meetings regularly to update the situation/find out solution/prepare for urgent cases
- Whether the source of new coronavirus infections is identified or not, we will quickly quarantine, drastically isolate and promptly treat them to stop the epidemic from spreading.

With those in-time efforts, all 16 infected confirmed cases were discharged from hospital and declared cured

WHO representative speaks highly of Vietnam’s efforts in nCoV fight

WHO: Vietnam manages COVID-19 outbreak well

Until 03rd Mar, it's been 19 days since the last confirmed case reported in Vietnam

Our only one quarantined place in Vinh Phuc Province has ended locked down for 20 days from 13th Feb to 03rd Mar Vietnam

Based on what we have got, reputable American organization – CDC withdrewusfrom countries having risk of community transmission Many countries praise us and would like to come to Vietnam for learning experience World Health Organization officials and health experts said our government's swift response to the emergency was crucial in containing the crisis at the early stage.The US Department of Health and Human Services has also praised Vietnam’s medical capacity and close cooperation in coping with the Covid-19 epidemic, believing that Vietnam will effectively combat the disease.

Vietnam is a good example for other countries in the battle against Covid 19. Enjoy this short clip:

As following, you can find our timeline for the outbreak from the first day:

- On 23 January, Vietnam confirmed the first two cases of COVID-19, a Chinese man (#1) travelling from Wuhan to Hanoi to visit his son who lived in Vietnam, and his son (#2), who was believed to have contracted the disease from his father. They were hospitalised on 22 January at Chợ Rẫy Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City.On 24 January, Acting Minister of Health Vũ Đức Đam ordered the activation of the Emergency Epidemic Prevention Centre.On 29 January, the son fully recovered and was discharged.His father was discharged on 12 February.[5]

- A week later, three positive cases were confirmed by the Ministry of Health, involving Vietnamese nationals who have returned from Wuhan. Case No. 3 (25-yr-old female) was quarantined and cured in Thanh Hóa Province, while the other two cases (#4: 29-yr-old male; #5: 23-yr-old female) are hospitalised in Hanoi.Case No. 5 was discharged on 3 February, fully recovered and tested negative with the virus.

- On 1 February, a 25-year-old woman (#6) was declared coronavirus-positive in Khánh Hòa Province. She has worked as a receptionist and had direct contact with the Chinese father and son (cases #1–2).This case was discharged from the hospital on 4 February.Noticeably, this case was the first domestic transmission in Vietnam, leading to an epidemic declaration signed by the Vietnamese Prime Minister and calls for border tightening, aviation permits revoked, and visa restriction.

- On 2 February, a Vietnamese American (#7) got infected with coronavirus, due to two-hour layover in Wuhan airport during his trip from the US.

- On 3–4 February, Vietnam announced their eighth and ninth case: a 29-year-old female (#8) and a 30-year-old male (#9). They belonged to the same training team with the previous confirmed cases of three (cases #3-through-5).

- Later on 4 February, the 10th case was identified. A 42-year-old female met and greeted with the case No. 5 during Lunar New Year holiday.[18] Mother (49-year-old, #11) and younger sister (16-year-old, #12) of the case No. 5 were also transmitted on 6 February.

- On 7 February, Vietnam confirmed their 13th case, a 29-year-old worker, who is a member of the same training crew with 5 previously confirmed cases (case #3,4,5,8,9).Earlier of the same day, Vietnam declared to have successfully cultured and isolated the virus in the lab. This is one of the few countries able to do this, aside from Singapore, Australia, Japan and China.

- On 9 February, a 55-year-old woman, a neighbour of case No. 5, tested positive; the 14th case.

- On 10 February, three more cases: #4, #5 and #9 were declared to be recovered.

- The 15th case was identified on 11 February, a 3-month-old grandchild of case No. 10.

- On 13 February, father of case No. 5 was tested positive, making the number of cases in Vietnam 16.

- On 25 February, the 16th, and also final case up for now, was released from the hospital after being tested negative from the COVID-19, temporarily made Vietnam cleared from COVID-19 outbreak.However, quarantine measures continue to be imposed until further notice.

- VN online management and admin centre for Covid–19 launched

These above information are based on what we’ve seen from our government and international organizations. For any news, we will keep you updated!

Once again, we would like to send all of you our best wishes and for sure we will overcome the outbreak soon!

Take Care!!!
p/s: At the time of writing, Vietnam is safe to travel. All tourist sites opened for visit. People's daily life get back to normal.