Covid -19 Updates: New confirmed cases in Vietnam

09, March, 2020

Covid -19 Updates: New confirmed cases in Vietnam

Until 06th Mar, it’s been 22 days since the last confirmed cases in Vietnam thanks to thedecisive responses from the government. However, we all know that it is just the success in our first part and we need to prepare for the second part as trading can’t be stopped. As a result, only on 07th& 08th Mar, Vietnam has confirmed 14 new cases infected with new Corona Virus, bringing the total of 30 cases, in which 16 cases had been total recovered and discharged from hospitals, 14 other cases are in stable conditions.

Within the 14 new cases, except for one man from Ninh Binh coming back to Vietnam from Daegu/Korea, the other 13 ones are presumed to be connected to each other.

There is one 26-year-old woman from Hanoi who traveled to London on 15th Feb to visit her family members. Three days later, she traveled from London to Milan City, in the province of Lombardy, Italy, and returned to London on February 20. During her time in Milan, Lombardy had not recorded any Covid-19 positive case.On February 25, that woman traveled from London to Paris to visit her sister. She contracted a cough on February 29, but did not get checked up.On March 1, she reportedly felt body pain and fatigue, but it was unclear if she had a fever. The same day, she boarded flight VN0054 of Vietnam Airlines from LonDon and landed in Hanoi at 4:30 a.m. on March 2. She did not have a fever then.Later, she developed a mild fever and coughed a lot, and was admitted to Hong Ngoc Hospital in Ba Dinh District on 05th Mar. And on 06th Mar, she was transferred to the Central Hospital for Tropical Diseases where she tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

It is said that the other 11 new confirmed cases are supposed to be infected from that woman, including her 2 family members and nine people on the mentioned flight VN0054. Of the nine, seven are British, one Irish and one Mexican, aged between 58 and 74. All have been quarantined.Four of them were intercepted in Quang Ninh Province, two in Lao Cai Province in northern Vietnam and two in the central city of Da Nang. All their moving histories are investigated and tracked down and those who had close contact were quarantined.

Besides Korea, Vietnam has suspended visa exemption for citizens from Italy.

At present, our government is still trying to track all necessary traveling histories of involved people as well as issue the right steps to contain the virus. Everything is still under control!

Please stay calm & check the most updated news regularly!