Vietnam’s newest patient infected Covid-19

10, March, 2020

Vietnam’s newest patient infected Covid-19

Vietnam has confirmed its 31st case who is a 49 year old British man. He had flown in from London on the same flight VN54 on 02nd Mar as Hanoi’s first Covid-19 patient and has tested positive for the novel coronavirus. On that flight, there are 14 confirmed cases including 2 Vietnamese, one Irish and one Mexican and 10 British up to date.

Vietnam’s Health Ministry also confirmedyesterday that this man is being treated at BacQuang Nam Hospital in the central province of Quang Nam. He is in stable condition.

This new novel coronavirus case brings the nationwide tally to 31 as of Tuesday morning local time.

Until now, Vietnam has taken so many prompt and decisive measures to battle coronavirus that it has got some extremely good results recognized by WHO.

In terms of visa, following a government meeting on Monday leaded by Vietnam’s Prime Minister Nguyen XuanPhuc, Vietnam is temporarily suspending visa exemptions for eight countries due to the novel coronavirus outbreak. Those eight countries are United Kingdom, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, France, Germany and Spain, not mentioning South China, Korea and Italy which have already been denied access to the country's visa-wavier program. Overall, Vietnam's visa exemptions apply to 13 countries, 10 of which have been temporarily barred from the program due to the novel coronavirus outbreak.

Together with the world, Vietnam is trying its best to contain the outbreak!