Covid 19 in Vietnam: 68 confirmed cases up to date

18, March, 2020

Covid 19 in Vietnam: 68 confirmed cases up to date

68 confirmed cases up to date – No need to be panic

Until 18th Mar, there are 68 people confirmed infection with Covid 19 in Vietnam, in which 16 first patients were recovered and discharged from hospital many weeks ago.

The new 52 cases are those who come back to Vietnam from the new outbreak countries in Europe and those who did relate to them. In addition, it is estimated that around 40% of those confirmed cases are foreigners that is quite hard for the local government to track down their huge travel history. However, all departments worked together and made all necessary steps to find out and put involved people/areas under quarantine.

Among those new 52 cases, many are in stable conditions, except for 2 cases, one 64-yrs-old Vietnamese woman & one 69-yrs-old British man were being treated at intensive care unitpreviously but are in good conditions now.

For all new cases, the local authorities will trace down the people who have close contacts with the patients and issues quarantines if necessary. Besides that, their living areas will be locked down for containing the spreading of virus. Many hotels serving foreigners were put under lock down accordingly. This prompt action could help limiting the infection in the community.

Yesterday, before Europe banned all flights to & from, Vietnam government had organized last flights bringing its people repatriate who will be quarantined for 14 days. Besides that, Vietnam suspended visas for all foreign arrivals to limit Covid-19, meaning new visas to Vietnam will be stopped issuing to all foreigners. The restriction applies to arrivals from all countries and territories, except for those who are eligible for visa waivers, including overseas Vietnamese and those who have to enter the country for special matters, like experts and highly-skilled workers.The suspension will not apply to diplomats and others entering the country on government business either. But they must follow all quarantine protocols established upon entering.

Recently, local news released that Vietnam Covid-19 test kits is ready to officially export a batch of 7,500 novel coronavirus (COVID-19) test kits to Ukraine, Iran and Finland over the coming week. Those test kids are also trusted and ordered by 20 countries and territories across the world

Overall, Vietnam has been preparing and nothing is out of control!