Covid 19 in Vietnam - safe to go to schools

04, May, 2020

Covid 19 in Vietnam - safe to go to schools

Today, 04 May, 2020. No new case infected in public in 18 successive days is confirmed and millions of students, pupils and kids in Vietnam can go to schools. Things are getting back to normal but the risk is still high. Instead of "Leave noone behind" and "Fighting against Coronavirus like fighting against enemies". It is now time to "Live safely with Coronavirus".

Below is the newest update of Covid 19 in Vietnam

covid 19 in vietnam update

- Total confirmed cases: 271
- Recovered cases: 219 (81%)
- Positive cases: 31 (12%)
- Negative cases - 1 time: 12 (4%)
- Negative cases - 2 times: 9 (3%)
- Death: None

- Quarantine in Hospitals: 238 people
- Quarantine in Isolation centers: 5.871 people
- Quarantine at home and other centers: 21.300 people

Believe or Not, Vietnam is a good example of how to beat "Coronavirus" successfuly and has been praised by WHO, CDC and many other international news agencies and nations. Vietnam is also supporting the world to fight against this terrible virus by providing free masks and medical equipments as well as reponsibly sharing experience.

A great news released yesterday was "Vietnam is working hard to find the vaccine, it is now testing on Rats".