When will we be able to go on Vietnam holiday again?

12, May, 2020

When will we be able to go on Vietnam holiday again?

In the last few days, Vivutravel received some "Vietnam tour inquiries" for next year (2021) and "visa question" like "Can you apply Vietnamese visa for us? When can we fly to Vietnam? Acording to The Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam, Vietnam considers partial resumption of international flights from June 1 2020 with limited frequency, giving priority to experts and investors only.

Covid-19 updates:
Total infected cases reported in Vietnam: 288. Total recovery: 249 and 39 left in hospital. No death.

Tourism Updates:
Is Vietnam safe to travel? The answer is "Yes", but for Vietnamese tourists to travel around Vietnam. Hotels, flights, Tourist sites are now promoting the best prices to encourage people to travel and "rescure" Vietnamese tourism industry. However, most of hotels, cruise operators, travel companies that live on "foreign tourists", have still been suffered from Covid -19. The future is not bright as the situation is very bad everywhere in the world.

In the next few days, Vietnam Tourism Association (VITA) will hold a meeting among travel companies to find out ways to overcome this difficult time to save "Vietnam tourism". Many ideas as well as mesures to be given, but Vivutravel does not expect much because of the world's lockdown.

What to do:
Vivutravel still opens our office and spend time going on inspection, refresh our tour itineraries, keep contact with our clients, prepare for the recovery and provide updated information. We can not say much when the vaccine for the Coronavirus is found, but if you are planning for the trip next year, it is time to go ahead.