Vietnam is no longer contagious with Covid-19 in the community

15, May, 2020

Vietnam is no longer contagious with Covid-19 in the community

On the morning of May 15, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc chaired the Standing Government meeting, listening to the national steering committee's report on the prevention of Covid-19.

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc assessed that over the past 30 days, Vietnam had an important initial success in achieving its dual goal, both to combat the Covid-19 epidemic and to boost production and business so as not to break the economy.

No entry allowed for tourists
After reviewing the opinion of the national steering committee, the Prime Minister confirmed that we no longer have contagious status in the community. This is the condition to attract investment, but not international tourists yet when the disease is contagious in many countries and there is no vaccine, special medicine.

First of all, continue to prevent the disease from from the outside, not allowing tourists to entry Vietnam, only issuing visas for investors, experts, and officials at embassies of other countries and requests for appropriate isolation measures.

The Prime Minister asked to step up production, import and export, promote domestic tourism and tourism industry to promote and prepare for opening international tourism to countries and teritories that control covid-19 well. In each specific case, the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism will report to the Prime Minister for consideration.

Covid 19 Updates in Vietnam:
Vietnam confirmed 24 new cases this morning. However, all these new cases are Vietnamese who came back to Vietnam from Mosscow on VN0062. As soon as the plane landed at Van Don airport in Quang Ninh province, all passengers were moved to quarantine center.

Total cases: 312
Recovered: 260
Under treatment: 52
Dealth: None

When can i visit Vietnam as tourist?
No tourist visa allowed, international flights are limited and many countries are still contagious with Covid-19 in the community. It is hard to tell but we hope that when a vaccine or special medicine is found, we can travel.

It is now time to prepare for your trip after covid-19 by choosing safe destination (must be Vietnam), contacting a reliable tour operator (Vivutravel) and building your travel intinerary perfectly.