Covid -19 Updates: Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos

20, May, 2020

Covid -19 Updates: Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos

This morning (May 21 2020), the Coѵīd-19 has recorded in 213 countries and territories around the world, 5,085,504 people have been infected and 329,731 of whom died, and 2.021.666 recovered.

Covid -19 Updates: Vietnam
Vietnam is successful in the battle against Covid 19. Below is our updates.

Total cases: 324
Recovered: 262
Under treatment: 60
Death: None

It it possible to visit Vietnam now?
Not yet, Vietnam is still banning entry to tourist visa, international flights have not restarted yet.

Covid -19 Updates: Cambodia
This neighbouring country of Vietnam is also successul in controlling the pandemic.

Total cases: 122
Recovered: 122
Death: None

It it possible to visit Cambodia now?
Travelers from Italy, Iran, Germany, Spain, France and the United States can now travel to Cambodia. However, travelers must have health certificate for 72 hours prior to entry and must show proof of medical insurance worth US $ 50,000 during their stay in Cambodia and in quarantine center for 14 days in Cambodia.

Covid -19 Updates: Laos
Total cases: 19
Recovered: 14
Under treatment: 5
Death: None

It it possible to visit Laos now?
Laos is now closing all boders with Vietnam and Cambodia to prevent people from Covid-19. All tourist visas were to be suspended. So it is not possible to visit Laos at the moment.

Foreigners who have already in possessed a visa, need to acquire a health certificate and declare recent movements.

Laos visa exemptions have been temporarily revoked. For more information, please contact Lao embassy or consulate.

A safe corridor to travel through Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos post Covid -19
On the bright side, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos are successful in the fight against Covid-19 and will create a safe corridor for tourists to travel through these 3 countries post Covid - 19. It is time to plan your trip to Indochina next year, properly from Jan 2021.