Covid-19 in Vietnam: Daily Information and Updates

29, June, 2020

Covid-19 in Vietnam: Daily Information and Updates

The COVID-19 pandemic caused by SARS-CoV-2 virus was first confirmed in Vietnam on January 23, 2020.  As of 15:00 on June 29, Vietnam recorded 355 cases, of which 335 were discharged from hospital and no death was reported.It has been 74 days without having new case in community.

30 June, 2020: On the 75th day, Vietnam had no COVID-19 cases in the community

01 July, 2020: No new COVID-19 cases in the community

02 July, 2020: On the 77th day, no new COVID-19 cases in the community, 339 were discharged from hospital. 16 patients are under streatment.

03 July, 2020: On the 78th day, no new COVID-19 cases in the community, 340 were discharged from hospital. 15 patients are under streatment.


On July 26, Da Nang discovered a new case of Covid-19 after 99 days in the country there was no case in the community. Da Nang is now under the second social distancing and Vietnam is facing the second wave of Covid 19. Below are our updates of Covid 19 in Vietnam:

05 August 2020 - 15:00
Total cases: 672
Recovered: 378
Under treatment: 286
Death: 08

As reported this morning, Vietnam is controlling well the situation in Da Nang.

06 August 2020 - 10:00 AM
Total cases: 717
Recovered: 381
Under treatment: 321
Death: 09

07 August 2020 - 13:35 PM
Total cases: 750
Recovered: 392
Under treatment: 348
Death: 10

08 August 2020 
Total cases: 810
Recovered: 395
Under treatment: 405
Death: 10

09 August 2020 
Total cases: 841
Recovered: 395
Under treatment: 435
Death: 11

10 August 2020 
Total cases: 847
Recovered: 399
Under treatment: 443
Death: 14

11 August 2020 
Total cases: 863
Recovered: 399
Under treatment: 448
Death: 16

11 August 2020 
Total cases: 880
Recovered: 403
Under treatment: 460
Death: 17


01 Sep 2020 
Total cases: 1044
Recovered: 707
Under treatment: 301
Death: 34

Note: Vietnam has controlled the second wave of Covid 19 so well. There is no new case in comnunity for 3 days.


10 Sep 2020 
Total cases: 1059
Recovered: 890
Under treatment: 131
Death: 35

Note: No new case in comnunity for 8 successive days.


18 Sep 2020 
Total cases: 1066
Recovered: 940
Under treatment: 88
Death: 35

Note: No new case in Vietnam in comnunity for 16 successive days.

Vietnam has implemented measures to isolate, monitor and restrict people from epidemic areas, close borders and deploy the implementation of medical declarations. Many activities focused on people in many localities are limited, and many places take measures such as measuring body temperature, equipping disinfectants, distributing masks for free in public places, tightening control. Domestic travel and trade is also limited. Facing the epidemic situation, the Vietnamese Government has taken various measures to support the people, reduce the cost of medical examination and testing and virus testing. Like most of the countries affected by the epidemic in the world, Vietnam has suffered a significant social and economic impact.

To give you an overview about the battle against Covid-19, below are some brief information:

- Lang Son border closed the border with China on 01 Feb because of coronavirus spreads in China. Other border gates were also halted.

- The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on March 31 announced to close border gates with Cambodia and Laos, in an effort to prevent the spread ofcorona virus. (COVID-19).

- On March 25, Vietnam suspended international flights.

- Social distancing started from 0 hours 1 April, 2020 nationwide. Domestic flights suspended, public places closed, restaurants closed, etc. Not wearing mask when going out could be fined.

- Social distancing ended on Apr 23, 2020 after 22 days. A new normal status started.

- Schools reopened after 3 months.

- Tourist sites and attractions in Vietnam reopened on 29 and 30 April, 2020. Vietnam encouraged its people to travel within Vietnam. The slogan is "Vietnamese people travel Vietnam"

- On 11 June, 2020, Vietnam Airlines was the first airline to announce an international flight plan from July 1. The routes would be re-operated from Vietnam to Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Laos and Cambodia. However, This seems impossible when the new wave of Covid is coming over. To be updated.

- On 29 June, 2020, Vietnam Aviation authorities propose ‘travel bubble’ scheme to resume international flights from Vietnam to certain safe countries by late July, 2020.

The success of Vietnam in the battle against Covid-19:

When it comes to the success of Vietnam in the battle against Covid-19, Vietnam is so proud to be praised by many countries and becomes a good example/model for the world to learn. When talking about the success, Vivutravel (As local) would like to give you some information and reasons as below:

- Quick measures and steps of the government to prevent the spread of covid. Vietnam warned people about Covid-19 early, even higher and more serious than what WHO anncounced.

- Vietnam also had early plans to deal with Covid-19 in mid Dec, 2019. Following is good prepration for stage 1, stage 2, stage 3, stage 4.

- Fighting against nCoV like fighting against enemies, Vietnam took strong action against the virus.

- Leave noone behind was second slogan. Vietnam focused on its people, which touched the hearts and made people united in the fight.

- Vietnam used all possible channels from "Central to local",  cities to remote areas, tivi to radio, social media to loudspeaker to provide timely information for the people to know and ask everyone to wear mask, wash the hands, stop parties, etc.

- Vietnamese culture is another thing. Family relation is very strong in Vietnam and Vietnamese people are responsible their family and society. Most people always try to minimize the risk for themseves and family.

- Vietnam is still an agricultural country, one of the biggest rice exporter. Most family in the countries can be self-supported with foods for months. Something like protests would not happen in Vietnam. Vietnamese went through wars and storms that make its people strong in coping with difficult situation and time.

- Vietnamese people have trust in the government and follow what were asked to stay safe. The government also implemented some mesures to support the people and businesses that have been suffered by Covid-19 to keep the country and economy stable.

- Covid-19 test, treatment and quarantine cost like foods, accommodation are free. People who came back from overseas had to be quarantined in 14 days.

- Police and Military join hands with all government bodies to control the spread of Covid-19 by tracing/tracking F1,F2,F3,F4, providing foods and accommodations for quarantine centers, etc.