Vietnam, the safest tourist destination after Covid-19

10, September, 2020

Vietnam, the safest tourist destination after Covid-19

British online newspaper - The Independent selected two Southeast Asian countries, Vietnam and Cambodia to the list of 7 safe countries to travel when Covid-19 is over.

According to The Independent: The tourism industry is attempting to reopen after months of catastrophic influence by Covid-19. In the UK, the Office for Foreign Affairs and the Commonwealth (FCO) advised residents to limit unnecessary international travel, but this will gradually change after July 10 - when restrictions are eased.

The Independent listed 7 countries as the safest places to travel after Covid-19. The British newspaper considered the destinations based on the criteria of "pandemic statistics", a country that is considered safe when it has a low number of infections, a small rate of spread and deaths.

Among the 7 countries ranked as safe, Vietnam is mentioned in the first place despite having a long border with China and a population of 97 million people, Vietnam has carried out quick response to the crisis that helped this Southeast Asian nation to avoid the heavy destruction of Covid-19.

Vietnam also quickly implemented the order of social segregation, mass quarantine and border closure. Vietnamese schools are also closed since January and remain until mid-May. Vietnam has been dealing with SARS, avian flu and dengue and measles epidemic so that Vietnam is believed to have experience and better preparation  than many other countries to deal with the pandemic.

The list also includes countries and regions in the safe zone including: Greece, Hong Kong, Iceland, New Zealand, Trinidad and Tobago and Cambodia.