Vietnam - holiday destination 2020-2021

08, October, 2020

Vietnam - holiday destination 2020-2021

In the recent article of Condé Nast Traveler, the prestigious American travel site, Vietnam continues to be on the list of the most wonderful travel countries in 2020. The recent ranking of Condé Nast Traveler voted by readers, with a score of up to 92.12, Vietnam ranks 9th in "Top 20 countries to visit in 2020 ".

This is not the first time that Vietnam has been honored to stand in the high rankings of many rankings voted by foreign media.

Previously, in September this year, according to CN Traveler, thanks to the good control of the Covid-19 pandemic, "S-shaped country" was also in the list of "New destinations after the pandemic is over.

Also in the article, CNTraveler stated that "Vietnam is a country that keeps the Covid-19 infection rate low in the world".

In another article published on this travel site, the author Chris Schalkx has shared experiences that should come to Vietnam around April to June every year. It is a time when the weather across the country has a pleasant heat (not too hot and humid), and advises readers to plan the trip to Vietnam in advance.

Currently, leading country in this year's ranking is Italy with 94.05 points, followed by Sri Lanka (93.96 points); Portugal (93.39 points); Japan (93.35 points). Two other Southeast Asian countries, Indonesia (92.98 points) and Thailand (92.62 points) are also in the Top 10.

Earlier this year, Australia's Traveller also chose Vietnam as a safe, friendly destination to travel in 2021.