Vietnam is among the 21 best destinations for tourism in 2021

03, December, 2020

Vietnam is among the 21 best destinations for tourism in 2021

Condé Nast Traveler magazine selected the 21 best destinations for tourism in 2021, in which the South Central region of Vietnam is highly appreciated.

The editorial board of the American travel magazine shared that in the process of choosing a destination for 2021, they had to face with things never seen before. After a year of tourists around the world being "held back" by flight restrictions, border closures and forced quarantine, the destinations of 2021 are more realistic and inspiring. Condé Nast Traveler aims to choose a close location with many new reasons for tourists to explore, but also does not ignore the distant names or destinations heavily influenced by Covid-19.

Among the 21 best destinations in 2021, the famous American travel magazine has selected the South Central region, Vietnam. The editorial board of this world's leading travel magazine assesses few places where Covid-19 can be controlled as effectively as Vietnam, as evidenced by the early border closure and significantly low rates of infection and mortality. tell. The Southeast Asian country is cautious about gradually opening up to international visitors, and the level of wellness and related plans are also emphasized.

In the South Central region, coming to Phu Yen, visitors will enjoy the newly opened Belgian resort brand Zannier Hotel Bai San with 71 resort villas simulating local architecture. In addition to the new resort facility, Phu Yen is still a little-known spot, although it also owns pristine beaches shady coconut trees.

If you want to spend the whole vacation soaking in the pool or the beach, Vietnam is the ideal destination to enjoy it. Just over 130 km north of Phu Yen, Quy Nhon is a suitable stopover for those who love the old peaceful lifestyle. From here, visitors also have the opportunity to catch a luxury cruise ship Vietage to Quy Nhon - Da Nang. The boat will serve 3 full meals cooked with local produce. The train has only 12 seats with service package from restaurant, bar, head and shoulder massage. This 6 hour cruise on board is an affordable journey for travelers looking to explore the South Central Coast in a new way.