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19, April, 2021

Vietnam Travel News Today

Phu Quoc ranks 15th in the top island to live in in retirement this year, thanks to its affordable costs and diverse landscapes.

International Living has selected 15 perfect destinations for those looking to retire on an island with fine sand beaches, gentle sea breezes and a gentle rhythm of life. This website has been researching overseas retirement trends for over 40 years. The criteria for this list of the 15 best islands include the ability to have a simple, peaceful life without high cost of living.

Phu Quoc, Vietnam's largest island, ranks 15th, thanks to its low cost of living, rich in local culture and history, and wonderful places to live from rural to urban areas.

Phu Quoc Island is located off the coast of western Vietnam, although it costs slightly more than the mainland because most goods are transported by boat. However, this place is still an attractive retirement spot for having everything you need for a retirement life. The island is naturally beautiful with pristine mountains, trails through forests, corals, beaches.

Quang Nam proposes to welcome international visitors with 'vaccine passports'
Quang Nam province registers to welcome international visitors with "vaccine passport", negative test results for Covid-19 and only to two closed resorts in the area.

On the morning of April 18, Mr. Le Tri Thanh, Chairman of Quang Nam province, said that the province had sent a registration letter to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism with the draft plan to welcome guests; If approved by the Government, Quang Nam will become the first province in the country to apply a pilot "passport vaccine" mechanism.

Plan to welcome guests with visa vaccine to Vietnam
In recent days, the authorities have proposed many options to welcome international visitors in the form of vaccine passports. This is a good signal for Vietnam tourism. However, according to businesses and experts, it is necessary to carry out many synchronous solutions to ensure the safety of Vietnamese tourists and people.

Travel near home and safe: the main trend of tourism in Vietnam 2021
In 2021, domestic tourism is still the plan of the Vietnam tourism industry. Islands and famous tourist cities continue to be the top destinations and it is predicted that these will also be popular destinations for Vietnamese tourists in 2021. Howver, small group and private tour will be the choice to minimize the risk of being caught by Covid.

Con Dao affirms Vietnam's sea and islands beauty
Blessed with golden sandy beaches, peaceful surrounding green forests, Dam Trau Beach in Con Dao, Ba Ria - Vung Tau province ranked in the list of 25 beaches by the famous American travel magazine Travel & Leisure as the most beautiful in the world.